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Blockchain has moved past the realm of digital currency and is being used in supply chain proof of concepts (PoCs) all over the world.

How successful are the blockchain-powered supply chains?

What are the benefits and how can they add value beyond traceability?

Blockchain for all – what does it cost to implement?

On Saturday, 12 October, at 1:30pm, we are running a Food’s Future Summit session focusing on these key questions and opening the floor to your questions as well.

Session 3: Blockchain in our Food Chain


Greg Wong – Director of Analytics, CoE Platform & Technology, SAP

SAP is using its blockchain as a service product to partner with Naturipe in order to track crops from their point of harvest along the supply chain to the supermarket. In the video above, there is the suggestion of the potential for automating customs and importation regulations as well as improving producer yields by using predictive technology on the data collected. Greg will share details about SAP’s other blockchain projects and give us an idea of the cost of participating.

Leo Chiu – Chief Technology Partner, Click Ventures

Leo has been involved in blockchain technology since 2010, which is quite a feat in this baby of a technological field. Starting his STEM career in Silicon Valley, he now reviews blockchain projects for Click Ventures and Spike Ventures and teaches blockchain in Hong Kong to governmental and private institutions. Bring your toughest tech questions for Leo.

Terence Yeung – Chief Fintech Officer, trustME

Terence specialises in bringing technology know-how to business problems. TrustME is building an ecosystem of supply–chain–verified products in Asia. Utilising blockchain technology and aimed at small- to medium-sized enterprises, trustME is already implementing unique code traceability for products in Hong Kong. Terence will share how the ecosystem he is building with trustME adds more value than just trust in the supply chain.

Benjamin So – Founder, 178 Degrees

Benjamin is the founder of 178 Degrees, a food supplier bringing sustainable and premium foodstuffs from New Zealand to Hong Kong. He recently worked with the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability to implement data structures and tracking events to record data for traceability and proof of provenance reasons. 178 Degrees did not go with a blockchain solution, and Ben will discuss why and the alternatives available.

Also running at Saturday’s Summit are sessions on How to be the Next Big Food Disruptor, Artificially Intelligent Food, Reducing our Carbon Foodprint Post-Plastic Straws and The New Age of Conscious Consumers. Coffee is supplied by Redback Coffee, breakfast by Classified and lunch by Beef & Liberty.

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