Despite tremulous times in Hong Kong, chef to the stars Wolfgang Puck opened his first restaurant here this autumn. The new Wolfgang Puck Kitchen sits in the Arrivals Hall of Hong Kong International Airport and features the renowned chef’s easy-going California-inspired menu.

Here’s what Chef Puck had to say about the newest addition to his culinary empire:

Your new restaurant in Hong Kong Airport is similar to the one in Singapore’s Changi Airport. Are there any differences diners can expect from the two restaurants?

Our restaurant in Hong Kong is more upscale and has dishes like rib-eye steak and loup de mer on the menu that aren’t featured on the Changi Airport menu.

Many renowned international chefs have made their marks in Hong Kong by opening formal restaurants in the city. Why have you instead chosen to open a fast-casual one at the airport?

We have many fast-casual in different airports around the world, and Hong Kong is a very important destination and city for us. That does not mean we will not open a fine-dining restaurant in the city if we find the right space or the right partner.

Wolfgang Puck Kitchen Hong Kong

How do you define California-inspired cuisine?

In California, we have many different cultures and great ingredients, so our cooking style represents different styles, from European to Asian.

Diners today are more health conscious and mindful of the impact of their food choices on the environment. How has your menu adapted to this new change in dining preferences? Does the menu feature dishes for vegans and vegetarians?

We have many great choices for vegetarians and vegans, from pastas and pizzas to salads. And our cooking style is light and appeals to many health-conscious people.

Wolfgang Puck Kitchen Hong Kong

What is your favourite dish on the menu?

The smoked salmon pizza – a classic.

Your restaurant in Hong Kong soft-opened in September. How has the recent political turmoil impacted the business?

We depend on the traffic at the airport, so for us it was actually good that we started and got organised during that period when it was not so busy.

Are there any specific dishes on the Hong Kong menu that are exclusive to the location?

Right now, we started with the menu that represents our different restaurants, and in the future, I’m sure we will include ingredients that are specific to Hong Kong.

What is your favourite Chinese dish and why?

Peking duck is still my favourite Chinese dish because I believe this is the best preparation for duck anywhere in the world!

Wolfgang Puck Kitchen Hong Kong

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