Marina Bay Sands’ swanky rooftop is serving up some Californian-inspired dishes and cocktails. As we whisked our way to the top of this luxury resort, we found Spago’s veranda warm and inviting. The lounge is spacious, with cosy booths and chairs and natural lighting creating a relaxing atmosphere alongside the wooden beach- washed accents.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

The location is impressive and provides guests with two-sided views – one overlooking the infinity pool and the modern skyscrapers packed into Singapore’s downtown core and a backyard view of the ocean, where the super groves and nature domes glow as evening approaches.

Dragons Fire and Hemingway Daiquiri at Spago Singapore

Dragons Fire (l) and Hemingway Daiquiri (r)

Spago’s menu of cocktails is detailed and sectioned by spirit. We eased into the afternoon, starting with Dragons Fire and Hemingway Daiquiri (S$26 each). On opposite ends of the flavour spectrum, Hemingway Daiquiri is shaken with Ron Zacapa rum, grapefruit and Luxardo maraschino, providing a lovely orange hue and bursting with grapefruit flavour that is punchy and tart.

Dragons Fire is a tequila-based tipple infused with jalapeño, Cointreau and Don Julio Añejo tequila. We loved how refreshing this drink is with its sweet yet salty aftertaste.

Rough Love at Spago Singapore

Rough Love

Indecent Exposure at Spago Singapore

Indecent Exposure

As the Lion City began to glow, Rough Love and Indecent Exposure (S$27 each) arrived, served ice cold. These signature drinks aren’t on the menu, but they are offered by the staff if you want to try something different.

Served in an extra-large wine glass, Rough Love smells of sweet marzipan, garnished with a raspberry fused on a pristine-cut ice cube. Champagne, Tanqueray No. TEN gin and Japanese plum wine mix, creating a feminine, smooth cocktail that is light yet dangerous, with a slight fizz that tickled our taste buds.

Indecent Exposure is bright green and garnished with a slice of jalapeño and some mint from Spago’s sustainable garden. Packed with more mint, coriander and jalapeño, this seemingly healthy cocktail is spiked with tequila, a dash of sugar syrup and lemon juice. It’s refreshing, spicy and citrusy in one go.

Show Me Love at Spago Singapore

Show Me Love

Run Like Hell at Spago Singapore

Run Like Hell

We ended our time at Spago’s lounge with Show Me Love and Run Like Hell (S$27 each). Smooth and sweet from the lychee with an acidic kick of lime, we loved the Southeast Asian ingredients mixed with Belvedere vodka and St-Germain elderflower liqueur in Show Me Love.

Run Like Hell is a gin-based cocktail that’s floral and sweet. Lavender and elderflower are combined with subtle The Botanist gin, differentiating itself from the other punchy cocktails on the list.


This was my first time trying the drinks at Spago’s lounge, and I was extremely impressed by the service and execution of the cocktails. The drinks are wholly refreshing but distinct in flavour, playing around with earthy and invigorating herbs and a variety of fruits. The Cali-style bar and dining room have tweaked their menus to fit Southeast Asia while remaining utterly sophisticated, befitting Spago as a global dining and drinking destination.

57/F, Tower 2, Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956, +65 6688 9955, book online

This write-up is based on a complimentary media tasting provided in exchange for an honest review and no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed here represent the author’s.

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The perfect balance of sweetness and tang.

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