Welcome, Emmer! The folks behind popular burger chain Beef & Liberty (which is still my favourite burger place in town) have brought a new pizzeria/café to Pacific Place, located in the al-fresco space that formerly housed The Petit Café.

What’s on offer?

 Emmer Pizzeria & Café Hong Kong

Defining Emmer

Emmer is an ancient, organic heritage grain that the restaurant blends with rye and good Italian flour. This hand-selected grain is lower in gluten and higher in nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This makes it high in fibre and easier on your stomach… but what you probably want to know most is that it’s a great combination of crisp and chewy, thin and thick and puffy in just the right places.


 Emmer Pizzeria & Café Hong Kong

Rather than fresh mozzarella, the Emmer caprese ($68) is made with whipped ricotta and is then topped with cherry tomatoes and pesto. Fresh and vibrant flavours at a great price point.

 Emmer Pizzeria & Café Hong Kong

The charcuterie board ($88) features “today’s selection”. But to give you an idea, I’ve had it twice now, and both times included salami, capicola, mortadella, house pickles and marinated mini peppers. But the first time also included some lardo that was insanely delicious (keep your fingers crossed for some on your visit). Definitely a must-order.

 Emmer Pizzeria & Café Hong Kong

While I’m not sure this eggplant and Parmesan salad ($88) counts as healthy, it is delicious. The aubergine has a nice maple balsamic marinade and is topped with rocket, pine nuts and Parmesan shavings.


Each pizza’s dough is individually cut, hand-stretched to order and baked in a Morello Forni pizza oven. All are 11 inches, sliced into six pieces.

 Emmer Pizzeria & Café Hong Kong

As for which pie to choose? It’s really hard to pick a favourite. The coppa ham and egg pizza ($148) was an evening special and our table favourite.

 Emmer Pizzeria & Café Hong Kong

But my personal favourite was the DOP quattro formaggi pizza ($168). I usuallly find cheese-only pizzas a little much, but the combination of cheeses (DOP fontina, mozzarella, truffle pecorino, taleggio) made it addictive rather than overwhelming.

 Emmer Pizzeria & Café Hong Kong

Spice lovers may want to try the diavola pizza ($148), which has salami, basil and lots of red chilli. It’s not too, too spicy and has a lovely sweetness too.

And, lastly, we tried the funghi pizza ($138), which has a generous amount of portobello mushroom.


Head over to Pacific Place to enjoy Emmer almost any time of the day as it’s open for breakfast, lunch, happy hour (drinks start at $38), dinner and weekend brunch. But be warned – this one won’t stay a secret for long…

Shop 407, 4/F, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, 2780 1110, book online

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