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Has Algae

This start-up aims to disrupt the plant protein and omega-3 industry for agriculture by making ordinary foods into superfoods using the nutritional power of microalgae. Through their range of food prototypes like noodles, protein balls and biscuits, Has Algae believes that algae can solve some of the biggest problems the planet faces.

Algae Ravioli

Algae ravioli

The team is driven by reducing early childhood malnutrition, and for every $1 spent on alleviating childhood malnutrition, there is a $45 social, economic and environmental return. Has Algae is aligned with seven of the 19 UN Sustainable Development Goals and has the ultimate goal of delivering sustainable, nutritious and safe food to all people.

Avant Meats

Scientists predict that based on the rate we now catch fish, our oceans will be empty by 2050. Furthermore, pollutants such as heavy metals, microplastics, antibiotics and parasites have been found in the fish we eat. Fortunately, Avant Meats has a solution. Using advanced stem cell and tissue-engineering technologies, they are able to sustainably cultivate animal proteins in a clean and controlled environment, bypassing environmental and health issues. They can also customise their meat to cater more precisely to our nutritional needs.

Chef Tom Burney

Chef Tom Burney with his Avant Meats fish maw ball

Avant is the first technology company in China to use cultivation methods to produce pure marine proteins and meat for various uses, including food, health supplements and skincare. Their laboratory is established at Hong Kong Science Park, and their first fish maw prototype was successfully completed last year and debuted at the Food’s Future Summit in Hong Kong. Their fish fillet prototype will be launched later this year.


Plento is a plant- and insect-based superfood brand on a mission to bridge the gap between nutrition and indulgence. They are developing a chip snack using a signature blend of wholegrains, plant-based proteins and cricket powder. In the months ahead, they will be working with seasoning blends featuring interesting and exotic Asian flavours.

Plant- and insect-based tortilla chips

Tortilla chips made with both plant-based and insect proteins

By September 2020, they are confident in having a market-ready product that health- and wellness-conscious consumers can indulge in to satisfy their snack cravings while achieving their desired nutritional benefits at the same time.

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