Hong Kong is crazy about Spam, which is commonly featured on menus at cha chaan tengs around town and is the number-one guilty pleasure of Hong Kong people, according to Green Monday’s statistics.

David Leung launches OmniPork Luncheon

David Yeung, the founder of Green Monday, unveiled the new OmniPork Luncheon and OmniPork Strip products today at Cordis, Hong Kong.

We were doing a tasting; tasters were shocked at how real the product is. Secondly, when they looked at the sodium number, they were surprised at the taste.

– David Yeung on OmniPork Luncheon

OmniPork Luncheon

OmniPork Luncheon has no no cholesterol and no added nitrates, nitrites, preservatives or MSG and fewer calories, fat and sodium than standard Spam. And it’s vegetarian – made from soybeans, wheat, beetroot and coconut oil.

OmniPork Luncheon at Kind Kitchen

We can’t wait to try it. It’s available as of Tuesday, 19 May at Green Common’s flagship Kind Kitchen as well as at Cordis’ Michelin-starred Ming Court. On the menus will be Omni K-Ramen, OmniPork Luncheon and (Just) Eggless Sandwich and Omni Zha Jiang.

OmniPork Strip

OmniPork Strip is similar to OmniPork in that it is specifically made for Chinese-style dishes. The strips are thin but are designed to have a chewy texture.
 They are versatile enough to be used in every pork strip and vegetable noodle dish that restaurants all across Asia

In addition to the new product launches, Right Treat is rebranding as OmniFoods – an exciting hint that new Omni products will continue to be developed.

Foodie first wrote about OmniPork in May 2018, and it has become one of our favourite plant-based meat alternatives, perfect for the types of dishes we love in Hong Kong. There are a good number of delicious Chinese dishes that would be vegetarian if it weren’t for the addition of minced pork. Foodie staff have enjoyed OmniPork in dry-fried green beans 干煸四季豆, mapo tofu 麻婆豆腐 and spicy aubergine hotpot 魚香茄子煲, as well as in countless amazing dumplings.

Dumpling news

Iconic Hong Kong brand Wanchai Ferry has teamed up with Green Monday to make OmniPork dumplings, which are frozen and available at supermarkets throughout Hong Kong. At Green Common, you can buy black pepper and mushroom OmniPork dumplings ($24.90 for 12).

Wanchai Ferry Omnipork dumplings

OmniPork ($38/230g) is available uncooked for you to create your own dishes at home. Minced pork can be considerably more expensive than this (for example, costing $83 for 300g at Jou Sun). Not only is the quality of texture and taste of OmniPork comparable to its pork equivalents, but the prices are significantly lower.

OmniPork Luncheon and OmniPork Strip will be available in retail shops here later this summer.

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