As a large international food producer, Europe is a world leader in food safety and animal welfare. Pigs from Europe live on farms in excellent conditions. They are frequently visited by official vets to ensure they are healthy and that the farmers respect EU legislation at all times.

Farm in Denmark

European farmers monitor and document every step of the pig production process. This traceability makes buying European pork a safe choice for consumers worldwide.

European pork from Denmark

Food safety in Denmark

In Denmark, all production personnel handling pigs are experts in this skill and ensure strict standards of hygiene throughout the slaughtering and processing processes. To ensure high standards are maintained, frequent audits are carried out by the national authorities.

For example, all methods used in Danish pork* production are based on official HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) methods, as required by the Food Standards Agency. Additionally, GRMS (Global Red Meat Standard) is mandatory and achieved in all factories.

*in Danish Crown production

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Certified European pork’s transparent quality is made up of two things. First: its 100% traceability thanks to careful logging. Second: European pork meets the highest standards.

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