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I love piri-piri chicken (oh how I miss Nando’s), so I’ve been a fan of Flaming Frango since they opened their first venue on Staunton Street in 2015 (now on nearby Elgin Street). They recently opened their second location in Kennedy Town, taking over from the old Forbes 36 bar.

Flaming Frango is a restaurant cum sports bar, and it does exactly what is says on the tin. This is a place to come and let loose, either for drinks, food or both. Obviously, we did both…

Garlic Prawns

For starters, we devoured the grilled garlic prawns ($138) made with homemade pirioli (a twist on aioli) – a great way to start the feast.

We followed this with the Mediterranean salad ($118), a big portion of olives, cherry tomatoes, salad leaves and red onion.

This was the reason we came – the full piri-piri chicken ($260), which is marinated for 24 hours and then flame-grilled to order, either mild, spicy or flaming spicy. There’s only one way to go – flaming spicy – and the chicken was off the hook. The skin was golden brown and crispy and the flavours exploded in the mouth. The meat was juicy, tender and fell apart at each bite, with the homemade Himalayan Dalle chilli sauce (super spicy) dripping off it.

They have other sauces to cater for the weak – mint & coriander and ginger & lime. But this is like going for a curry and ordering butter chicken (don’t do it).

All this was washed down with beer, shots and whatever else the bartender decided we had to drink. It was a fun night to say the least, and we have since returned.


As I said, I was a fan of Flamingo Frango before, and I still am now.

36 Forbes Street, Kennedy Town, 2813 5001

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