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Newly opened CUT Sando Sound Bar is like that kid who doesn’t follow any trends but has such a cool, nonchalant vibe that everyone scrambles to follow.

A tiny space lined with obscure indie record covers, dominated by a main bar serving up natural wines and boutique brews, CUT is a casual hang-out with a hipster edge. One of several newly launched projects by the dynamic brothers of Twins Kitchen, whose portfolio includes Common Ground and Interval, CUT capitalises on the sando craze that has recently spread throughout Hong Kong. We can understand the undeniable allure of toasted white bread and juicy protein.

After snagging a seat at one of only two tables that offer seating (the rest of the small tables are standing space only), we quickly ticked off our orders on the menu sheet. The menu isn’t large, but it has enough food options to satisfy diners alongside a rather extensive drink list. We went for a few boutique IPAs as well as a crisp salad to whet the appetite.

Adorned with plenty of very aromatic dill and chervil, the gem lettuce salad ($38) had refreshing crunch, which was further helped along by the toasted almonds sprinkled atop each wedge.

All cool kids understand that “being in the know” is an essential part of the image. So it’s only natural that a vibey hang-out would have a secret menu. If you’ve “made the cut”, you’ll be passed a small pirate’s satchel with three coins inside, and like Keanu in a John Wick movie, that coin is code for exclusivity. Slide a coin across the counter and you’ll get access to the secret menu. Offer up two coins and you’ll get a free beer.

But, first, we tucked into piping-hot headcheese fritters ($88), served with a creamy white sauce. The crunch of the diced pig’s ear and chewy springiness of the pig’s head meat offer interesting textural contrast.

The beef brisket sando ($98) is a bold flavour combo of juicy brisket and sweet and tangy barbecue sauce against the crunch of vegetables. This one is surprisingly easy to eat without making a huge mess, which is always a bonus!

The egg bacon sando ($78) reminded us of Japanese tamago that’s been breaded and fried, sandwiched between bacon relish. A delicious way to enjoy a winning breakfast combination anytime of the day.

We wrapped up the meal with an item from the secret menu. The mapo tofu sando ($88) packs a powerful numbing Sichuan peppercorn kick that works well with the scallion pesto. The tofu is the firmer variety popular in Korean cuisine and doesn’t fall apart at first bite.


A cool hang-out spot for a casual night out (CUT is only open from 5pm for now). The sandos are delicious, have interesting flavour combos and are surprisingly mess free to eat, making it much easier to chat and chow down at the same time. We like CUT’s laid-back vibe, and we’ll definitely be back to check out more secret-menu items. Now, excuse us as we hoard more coins…

8–10 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

This write-up is based on a meal paid for by the author.

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