The fourth annual Asia Beer Championship was judged in Singapore on 22 and 23 October this year by an expert panel of judges from across Asia. This year’s results were announced last night in a live stream, and there was an impromptu viewing party at The Globe.

In 2020, the brewers of South Korea only just pipped Hong Kong to take home top honours at the Asia Beer Championship, with seven golds to Hong Kong’s six.

But this year was not Hong Kong’s turn to take the lead. To start, all the Young Master beers were delayed in transit owing to typhoons and did not make it to Singapore in time to enter the competition. They picked up five medals at last year’s awards.

Then it was a slow start, and Hong Kong wasn’t mentioned at all until the ninth announcement – when Carbon Brews picked up a silver medal for their delicious anniversary sour beer, Young, Wild & 3.

Asia Beer Championship 2021

In a tough field dominated by Korean breweries, Hong Kong picked up 11 medals, down from 16 last year. hEROES won a big prize this year, with the Championship IPA of Asia going to their Kupzzy In Time Hazy DIPA. And lots of HK brews made it to the Chairman’s Selection list for great beers, even if they didn’t receive medals. Check out the full list here.

Foodie and , Hong Kong

Kupzzy won the Champion IPA of Asia. We can forgive the typo!

Asia Beer Championship 2021 results for HK breweries

The best HK beers as judged by the Asia Beer Championship this year are:

Black Kite Brewery


  • Fruit-Flavoured Beer (Cat 24): Pins and Needles Tamarind Sour

Chairman’s Selection

  • Easy Glider Golden Ale

Carbon Brews


  • Sour Beer (Cat 9): Young, Wild & 3
  • Porter (Cat 19): Baltic Proper


  • New England/Hazy IPA (Cat 16): Crazy Rich Lupulins

Chairman’s Selection

  • Sour Punch
  • Like the Wind IPA
  • Funky Rich Lupulins v3.0
  • Dark Soul Tonka
  • Dark Soul Rum



  • Double IPA (Cat 17): Hop Robber

Chairman’s Selection

  • 5000 Years Pilsner
  • Hang 5 IPA
  • Crazy Rabbits Stout
  • Holy Moly Imperial Stout
  • Pineapple Express Triple Hazy IPA
  • Duchess Night Out Sour Red Ale


Chairman’s Selection

  • Gweilo Lager
  • Gweilo Pale Ale


Champion IPA of Asia

  • Kupzzy In Time Hazy DIPA


  • New England/Hazy IPA (Cat 16): Kupzzy In Time


  • Imperial Stout (Cat 21): Bench Boss

Chairman’s Selection

  • Cereusly IPA
  • Si L Dan IPA
  • Hangry Donut Hopiscus Wheat
  • Hunk Sir Milffee Porter

Hong Kong Beer Co

Chairman’s Selection

  • Rush Hour Plum Sour
  • Sunset Peak Hazy Pale Ale
  • Dragon’s Back Pale Ale
  • Big Wave Bay IPA
  • Mango Lassi Milkshake IPA

Neonotic! Cidery


  • Fruit Cider (Cat 31): Just Peachy


  • Sweet Apple Cider (Cat 30): Cellar Series: Anniversary Release

Chairman’s Selection

  • N.L.C. Lemon Tea Cider

Yardley Brothers


  • Wood/Barrel-Aged Beer (Cat 26): Old Stag


  • Fruit-Flavoured Beer (Cat 24): Mango Sticky Mango Imperial Gose

Chairman’s Selection

  • Machine Men Pale Ale
  • Hong Kong Bastard Imperial IPA
  • Thai Chilli Getaway Sour
  • Bugs II: Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc Barrel-Aged Sour


Chairman’s Selection

  • YAU Tangerine IPA

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