Cull N’ Pistol’s new ocean-driven menu offerings are so good that you’d be willing to give a leg, or a claw, for them.

Located at the waterfront promenade in the laid-back neighbourhood of Sai Wan Ho, promoted widely as SoHo East, Cull N’ Pistol is a friendly, al-fresco hang-out with a modern, nautical-inspired interior design, providing a relaxing atmosphere for city dwellers to break away from the typical scenes of Hong Kong. Joggers and pet owners stroll by, with the windows of residential high-rises illuminating the other side of the harbour at nightfall. The open-fronted entrance of the restaurant, with its stunning 180-degree sea view, allowed me to sit back and feel the gentle touch of autumn with a glass of wine in hand.

Pescatarians will be thrilled to see the eatery’s seafood-centric menu. We began our American seafood tasting journey with the lobster tail salad ($188). The succulent and sweet lobster meat, teamed with soft-boiled egg and butter lettuce and dressed with lemon-flavoured mayonnaise, is a refreshing cold starter that brightens up the taste buds.

I am known for my preference for hot starters, and the seafood croquettes ($108 for 4) did not disappoint. The creamy mashed potato with mozzarella and mixed seafood wrapped in a golden, crispy crust put a smile on my face.

I am a firm believer that tacos shouldn’t be served just on a Tuesday! The Baja Cali fish tacos ($48 each) are brimming with shredded red cabbage and coriander and drizzled with tomato salsa, jalapeño and chipotle sauce. I wasn’t so enthralled with the thick beer batter, which slightly overshadows the fresh and mildly sweet cod.

Then came the garlic prawns ($148), a Spanish-themed tapas dish that evoked a surge of excitement at our table. The tender, plump prawns are baptised in a moreish garlic-infused sauce accented by slightly spicy chorizo. We couldn’t resist mopping up the finger-licking delicious juices with the crusty bread.

An elaborate main course of duck and rice ($268 for 2), inspired by the West Coast, cheered us with its vivid colours and alluring aroma. The luscious duck leg is slow-cooked to falling-off-the-bone perfection alongside a gorgeous sunny-side-up egg, nested on a bed of flavour-packed coriander rice. The smoked duck breasts are good, but this tasty dish doesn’t need them in order to achieve flavourful abundance.

Moving on to a main course from the East Coast section of the menu, we pampered ourselves with the beer-battered fish and chips ($198). Once again, their thick and crunchy batter is not the style I crave. I found the pearly white, firm-fleshed New Zealand lingcod the perfect choice for this world-famous dish, and it made a good impression.


Cull N’ Pistol is a great spot to relax with comforting food and take a break from the hurry-scurry city life. I shall return soon for one or two Atlantic lobster claws and allow myself to be intoxicated by the cinematic sea view.

Shop GA1–3, G/F, Site A, SoHo East, 55 Tai Hong Street, Lei King Wan, Sai Wan Ho, 2513 0199,

This write-up is based on a complimentary media tasting provided in exchange for an honest review and no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed here represent the author’s.

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