With Christmas fast approaching, why not hit two birds with one stone by supporting a local business and donating to a local charity at the same time?

For those scrambling to find a present for a food-loving friend, we’ve prepared a gift guide, but one gift idea dominating the F&B space that we wanted to talk about in more detail is A Freaking Dumpling. Not only do these chopstick rests make freaking-cute gifts, but they also give back to the local community.

Founded by seasoned F&B consultant Kingsley Wong, A Freaking Dumpling’s cute, minimalist chopstick rests ($268 for 2, $768 for 6 or $1,410 for 12) shaped like dumplings work with a simple premise – one chopstick holder purchased leads to six edible dumplings that are distributed by Feeding Hong Kong.

Designed in Melbourne, Australia, at Tojiki Room (Wong’s ceramic company and platform for ceramists to sell their wares) and glazed by room23ceramics for the final touch, these orders can be placed via Instagram or WhatsApp.

We sat down with Wong to learn more about his grassroots project.

What’s the story behind A Freaking Dumpling?
A Freaking Dumpling is a project first born in Melbourne within my ceramic company. The inspiration for these dumplings came from my own F&B consulting background, but these chopstick holders were never intended to be for sale only for restaurant use. When COVID hit, I had to find a way to sell them, and surprisingly, selling to friends and family at the start worked well before word got out. I brought a few pieces of these with me when I moved back to Hong Kong last year, and little did I know, they would become their own homeware line when I returned.

How does A Freaking Dumpling work with Feeding Hong Kong?

We round up all the sales and then place dumpling orders via HKTVmall. The orders are delivered to Feeding Hong Kong’s warehouse, where they handle the rest of the distribution. We don’t sell individual chopstick holders (meaning the ability to buy only one chopstick holder), but the idea is that one holder in each set translates to six actual, edible dumplings.

How many dumplings have you donated since the establishment of A Freaking Dumpling?

Since the beginning of the project, we’ve donated over 11,000 individual dumplings to Feeding Hong Kong. Right now, we estimate it’s at 14,000 dumplings, which means our next purchase to Feeding Hong Kong will be huge!

With Christmas and Chinese New Year around the corner, these sets are the perfect gifts. Do you plan on collaborating with any businesses in Hong Kong or coming out with different patterns or designs on the dumplings?

Definitely – we’ve started, and it will be a surprise! Our Christmas gift box ($858 for 6) includes a handcrafted stamp by a local stamp shop in Sheung Wan. We have worked with local designers for Christmas cards that will also be included in every order until the end of this year. Our limited-edition steamer set (2 holders + bamboo steamer) is $298 and would be perfect for Chinese New Year. The steamers are all handmade in Hong Kong out in Sai Wan by a dedicated bamboo steamer shop.

What’s your favourite spot for dumplings in Hong Kong?

I’d recommend Nom Nom Dumpling. They have a few shops around Hong Kong, so it’s handy. Pan-fried chive and pork dumplings are my go-to there.

Order via Instagram DM or WhatsApp 5222 0155

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