If you work near Taikoo Place, chances are you’ve been hearing about KIN Food Halls. It’s located in Devon House and is, well, a food hall – an upscale canteen for busy office ladies and gents who work in the area. You might think that Hong Kong has a lot of food halls – BaseHall, Dockyard, Park Aura, Wor the Food and J.A.M., just to name just a few. But what makes KIN different and is it worth checking out?

We visited recently to tour the venue and try the food (of course). The space is an expansive 18,000 square feet, seating 300 guests. We were impressed by the focus on both sustainability as well as top-notch sustenance.

KIN focuses on high-quality ingredients sourced from responsible farms. For example, they source king salmon and yellowtail from two specially selected BAP- and ASC-certified fish farms in New Zealand and Australia to ensure a good aquaculture standard, reducing any negative impact on the environment. Every dish is cooked fresh to order using traceable, ethically and regeneratively farmed ingredients, at an average price of $100 per dish.

In an area like Taikoo Place, there’s a lot of competition for lunch. I actually used to work in Devon House, where KIN is located, for two years. What would have made me opt to visit KIN versus another location for lunch? Honestly, the main reason I choose any restaurant over another is taste. And KIN has worked out a really interesting way to give guests some of the tastiest foods from not only around Hong Kong but also foodie destinations around the world.

They have a recipe cloud that currently holds over 200 recipes from more than 45 creators, ranging from Michelin-starred chefs like Richard Ekkebus to popular Thailand-based comfort-food chain EASY! buddy. Guests can log into the KIN app and watch short videos explaining the dishes, order through the app and then pick up their dish of choice from the counter when it’s ready. Guests who work in the vicinity can also use the app to order food and have it delivered up to their desks.

Here are some of our favourite dishes from our visit:

Fish maw and sea cucumber sliced noodles ($228) by local hidden gem Catty and Tael. The maw was so tender, the noodles had the perfect bite and the signature abalone sauce is addictive.

Three-yellow chicken ($118 for ½ or $228 for whole) by home-grown favourite ROTI TORI. Incredible quality and flavour – super juicy.

Beef kaprao ($108) by EASY! buddy in Bangkok, Thailand. This is a party in a dish, featuring sweet beef, caramelised corn, crispy duck egg with runny yolk and fried sticky rice.

Spicy tomato and watermelon salad ($88) by Richard Ekkebus of two-Michelin-starred Amber at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental here in the 852. Very fresh ingredients and a light, zesty dressing with ginger and lemongrass.

Penang Teochew char kway teow ($98) by Axian’s Selection in Penang, Malaysia. Good wok hei and high on the indulgence factor, with plump shrimp, juicy Chinese sausage and – my favourite – fried lard.

KIN sushi ($138 for 8 or $178 for 16). It’s not always easy finding quality sushi at a decent price. KIN’s sushi selection will hit the spot for many.


There’s a lot to take in at KIN, but try it once and I bet you’ll be back. After my first visit, I’m craving a number of dishes including another bowl of EASY! buddy’s beef kaprao – KIN is the only place you can find this dish in Hong Kong. I’m looking forwad to the upcoming regular pop-up events with guest chefs as well as the rotating list of dishes on offer. Download the app (launching on Monday, 6 June) to keep up with what’s happening and take some time to watch some of the well-produced food videos. It’s great to be able to have a stronger connection with the minds, ideas and origins behind our favourite dishes.

KIN Food Halls

2/F, Devon House, Taikoo Place, 979 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, 6792 1935

This write-up is based on a complimentary media tasting provided in exchange for an honest review and no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed here represent the author’s.

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