The Octavo Management Group has recently launched two new ventures at K11 Musea. Cannubi takes on a more casual dining vibe like sister restaurant Venedia, while Tuber veers towards fine dining like Octavium. The pastas here are phenomenal, one of the greatest among the pantheon of pastas in Hong Kong, along with amazing appetisers and desserts. Comparatively, the mains are off the radar.

Choose a two or three course lunch set menus everyday from midday to 3pm as follows: one appetiser and one pasta ($338), one appetiser and one main ($398), or have one from all three ($468).


Marinated Japanese Tomatoes

Drizzled with olive oil and dolloped with creamy burrata, the Fukuoka house imported tomatoes supply ample unadulterated, sweet juices — a perfect whet for our meal.

Veal Tenderloin

The baby cattle from France was delicately velvety, with dollops of confit tuna belly making it even more luxurious and smoother to the palate. Threads of celery, capers and olives freshened up the tasting profile.


Wagyu Beef Ragout Fresh Tagliatelle

By some extraordinary alchemy, the chef managed to turn this ordinary dish extraordinary. Glistening strands of tagliatelle were coated with the unctuous fat of wagyu and the condensed sweetness of confit tomatoes.

Fresh Veal Agnolotti

Pocketed with veal, the agnolottis were slathered in a fragrant and buttery mushroom sauce. Porcini mushrooms on top were slightly charred, giving off wonderfully earthy and musky aromas with its signature fragrance.

Cacio e Pepe

Simple dishes like this really set this restaurant apart from others. The texture of spaghetti completely wowed me with its firm bite and precise resistance. Then, the myriad of flavours from 3 kinds of cheese, mushroom jus and pepper packed a spicy punch, just enough to make your tastebuds tingle.


Half Baby Chicken Alla Provenzale

Crusted with herbs, garlic and onions, the meat was imbued with herbaceous aromas, yet missing a pinch of salt. We loved the crisp of the skin, but found the meat a tad dry.

Alaskan Cod

The flaky tender cod was steeped in a jus of clams and seafood. The amber coral hue, which gave off the delusion of a rich crustacean sauce, belied its flavours. We popped the fish excitedly into our mouths only to find disappointment from the mild and bland sauce with overpowering lemon flavours.



One scoop into the tiramisu sent us to euphoria. Words fail me in trying to acknowledge the lavish combination of mascarpone, homeblended coffee and lady fingers. I’m never a fan of tiramisu with heady wine, and this fully satiated my criteria.


The Italian diner offers top notch pastas. So next time you visit, do order the 2 course pasta set but consider skipping the mains for more room for desserts. I also much prefer Cannubi to Venedia in terms of food and overall ambience. If you have trouble deciding between the two, here is a little tip: expect a more casual and lighthearted meal at Venedia with natural sunlight, and a more intimate experience at Cannubi with dark mahogany settings.

Cannubi Enoteca Cucina

Shop 113A, Level 1, K11 Musea, Victoria Dockside, TST, 9384 0789 (WhatsApp)

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