The Bayside is the sister restaurant of Quiero Mas, and part of the new Silver Oak restaurant group. It is the newest Hong Kong Mediterranean restaurant and perches along the stunning Whampoa promenade in Hung Hom. The previous shop front has been transformed into a refined dining area with floor-to-ceiling windows, a chic bar and a vibrant alfresco area.

Whichever area you are seated at, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the sparkling azure ocean. A meal here will bring you through a culinary journey of Mediterranean flavours with the freshest of seafood and exciting zests.

The meal started with a row of cold antipasti and tapas that whetted our appetite and prepared us for the massive scrumptious meal ahead.

Steak tartare (HK$168)Bejeweled with quail yolk, the minced prime rib beef was blended with a concoction of cheese, onions and pickles. In contrast to the version at Queiro Mas, mustard is omitted to retain the original purity of beef.

Salmon tartare (HK$148)Buttery and succulent minced salmon was tossed with dill cream, pink peppercorns and crab roe. The wispy dill leaves imparted potent but comforting woody and warm notes that counterpoised the fatty salmon.

Pink Pairing (HK$248)

This antipasto consists of 40g 36-month Iberico Paletilla and pan con tomate. A little something we learnt from the meal was that Iberico hogs, also called “happy pigs”, are reared in a land with a minimum of one hectare per pig, and are required to follow a strict diet of acorns. The rashers of complex savoury treats complemented the pan con tomate that burst with sweet, unadulterated juices.

Maryland Crab Cakes (HK$198)These little treats originated from Chesapeake Bay and were packed with shreds of crab meat. Scented with the uplifting fragrance of parsley, the crab cakes emanated briny flavours of the oceans.

Truffle and Cheese Bikini Toast ($98)

Grilled to golden brown, the toast was textbook perfect with a fluffy and soft centre and a light and crispy exterior. It was imbued with pungent truffle aromas and luscious melted stringy cheese. We wolfed that down in no time.

Gambas Al Ajillio (HK$168)

Served piping and sizzling hot, the aroma of this tapas immediately permeated the room. Slathered in a fragrant garlicky sauce, the prawns were succulent, bouncy and fresh. We made sure to squirt out all the condensed essences from the prawn heads, and polished off all juices on the plate with the accompanying toast.

Our euphoria continued with a series of big plates, which were equally enjoyable.

Pizzas (Manhattan Pizzette: HK$98; Pizza Venetia HK$208)

The restaurant was attentive to the needs of customers by offering pizzas and pizzette in various sizes. The highlight is its beautiful ultra thin crust, which was made from a tortilla dough. The Manhattan pizzette was gilded with pieces of spicy pepperonis with a smoky kick, while the Pizza Venetia was such an innovative combination. It was a pesto-based pizza which emanated fragrant basil aroma and briny flavours from the myriad of seafood, including squid, octopus, prawn and mussels.

Kyoto Cod (HK$298)

I consider this one of the best among the cods I have had at other restaurants. Many restaurants douse the fish in an overwhelming amount of miso, which overpowered the beautiful milky flavours of cod. The chef here lightly glaze the skin with a layer of miso-honey, while making sure the flesh retained its sweet, unadulterated freshness. The fish was so smooth and flakey, that we could easily and gently fork it apart.

Boston King (HK$538)

A 500-600 gram Boston Lobster was slow-cooked thermidor style, with Parmesan, butter, dill and cream potatoes. Despite the complicated cooking procedures of repeated baking, pan-frying and grilling, it was executed immaculately with the perfect sear, firm flesh, and buttery creamy sauce.

Mary had a Little Lamb (HK$318)

The baby lamb chops from New Zealand were so tender and flavourful. It was infused with deep aromas of thyme and rosemary, that undercut the robust gamey lamb odour. Drizzled with a smidgen of pesto sauce, the slight punch amped the dish up with some exhilaration.

Suckling Pig (HK$268)

This dish was sinfully addictive with a thick layer of gelatinous, melt-in-the-mouth fat sandwiched between a layer of bubbly crackly skin and juicy tender meat. Roasted potatoes on the side soaked up all the remaining essences.

Ravioli Rose (HK$178)

The housemade violet and green pasta sheets were delicately shaped into roses. They were stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach, and paired with a fragrant sage butter emulsion.

A selection of desserts rounded up our meal perfectly.

Basque Burnt Cheesecake with Raspberry sorbet (HK$108)

The cheesecake’s beautifully scorched surface exuded complex flavours with nuances that resembled salted caramel. The heart was creamy, melty and smooth, with its richness undercut by the acidity from the refreshing berries compote and sorbet.

Malibu Coconut-Limone Tart (HK$108)

Cased within a crispy buttery tart shell is a lemon custard filling that is tangy and zesty. Garnished with coconut shreds and an ethereal merengue, the acidic zing of the tart made us feel less bloated after the gut-busting meal.

Chocolate Lava Cake

We totally revelled in this immaculately executed dessert. Right at the moment we dug our spoons in, warm, gooey, intense fudge oozed out that provided stark thermal contrasts to the ice-cold vanilla ice-cream. The chocolate had just the right balance of astringency and sweetness, making it a decadent guilty pleasure at its finest.


Our meal here hits the trifecta with amazing ambience, wonderful food and gorgeous views. You may enjoy a casual breezy brunch at the outdoor patio, hit the bar for some after work drinks or savor an intimate meal at their dining room. Whichever you choose, you will leave satisfied and contented.

The Bayside

Shop G1, Ground Floor, 18 Tak Fung St., Whampoa Garden, Hung Hom, 6108 9153, book online

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