Home-grown casual dining concept Bite by Bite officially launched its flagship store in Mongkok in early November. Spanning more than 1,200 square feet, this two-storey shop channels a chic and modern vibe, with the aesthetics inspired by Hong Kong playgrounds. Guests can expect creative and modern reinventions of classic street food and local desserts.

First up was a local favorite – siu mai (HK$58). Served in a sizzling skillet, the iconic Cantonese snack is drizzled with a splash of shrimp oil, further enhancing its freshness. Soft yet chewy, with a slight punch from the dried radish, these bites are irresistible.

Next up was wun jai chi, or imitation shark fin soup (HK$68). Fish maw is added to make the soup feel more premium. We particularly loved the substitution of vermicelli with healthier, 0-calorie konjac noodles.

Keeping up with the mochi trend in Hong Kong, we had to order these sweet dumpling lollipops (HK$108). Balls of mochi are presented in the form of skewers, with a tiny gas stove provided for grilling. Deft hands are required to perfect the grilling process as the mochi sticks rather quickly to the mesh. The trick is to keep flipping them like Japanese chefs do with yakitori. It’s worth all the effort though as you pop the warm, crispy and chewy glutinous rice dumplings into your mouth. Six kinds of dips are provided for mixing and matching: ginger rice syrup, black sesame sauce, osmanthus butter honey, jujube quinoa crisps, soy powder and peanut sesame sugar.

Salted egg yolk chicken wings (HK$68/6) are something we order every time we see them on the menu. Plump, juicy wings are lusciously gilded with a golden, buttery salted egg yolk blanket, with a hint of sansho pepper powder adding a slight kick.

Bite by Bite’s drinks are also not to be missed. We tried the ma la s’more (HK$52), which is basically a hot chocolate drink with the addition of Sichuan peppercorn! This unique combination is potent but surprisingly comforting.


Instagram-worthy local bites with many inventive, global twists – thumbs-up!

Where: Shop 4, G/F, Ngai Hing Mansion, 2–24 Pak Po Street, Mongkok

To contact: phone 3709 8250

This write-up is based on a complimentary media tasting provided in exchange for an honest review and no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed here represent the author’s.

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