Mr Wolf has recently revamped both its interior and menu, offering a more contemporary and intimate dining experience; our recent dining experience was significantly cosier than our previous visits, making the restaurant a perfect spot for a quiet and peaceful dinner date. The menu has also switched up from British to more European focused.

Salad niçoise (HK$168): with fresh, crunchy lettuce and clean-tasting Ortiz tuna from Spain, this salad brightened up our palates for the coming courses.

Steak tartare (HK$238): we particularly appreciated that the steak was hand cut instead of ground by a machine, as we often find steak tartare too mushy; this tartare manages to retain a bit of texture. With balanced condiments and acidity, complementing yet not overpowering the natural flavour of the beef, this was one of the best dishes of the night.

Burrata with marinated tomatoes (HK$178): what could go wrong with this combination? The cherry tomatoes were super fresh; it’s unfathomable how such a tiny fruit can house such an ample amount of sweet, bursting juiciness. The lush, oozy curds of the burrata were encased within a spongy, elastic layer. The top-notch, fresh ingredients bring this classic Italian dish to a whole new level.

Snails (HK$258): the snails are infused with an aromatic garlic butter sauce. We could not help mopping up all the juices off the plate with some baguette.

Red onion tart Tatin (HK$258): baked to golden brown, the onions were fully caramelised and softened, giving the pie its signature sweetness. Sainte-Maure, an unpasteurised cheese made from full-fat goat milk, is added to give some extra creaminess.

Barramundi fillet (HK$288): the barramundi was immaculately executed, featuring flaky and tender meat. The robust puttanesca sauce is slightly spicy, giving the mildly flavoured fish a bit of punch.

Butter chicken (HK$298): the sauce is silky smooth and lusciously rich. We like that the restaurant pairs both roti and basmati rice with this delicious Indian dish.

Beef Wellington (HK$898 for 2–3): and here comes the highlight of the meal, which all of us looked forward to the most. However, this beef Wellington was slightly disappointing as the steak was overcooked, making it tough and dry. We loved the black truffle jus and puff pastry layer that went with it though. If the cooking temperature and time can be adjusted, this dish would certainly be amazing.

Dessert time! The sugar on the crème brûlée (HK$128) was perfectly caramelised, while we loved the acidic zing from the raspberry jam in the panna cotta (HK$128). But our favourite dessert had to be the dark chocolate terrine (HK$128), which is rich, smooth and has just the right amount of astringency.


Do try out the new à-la-carte dinner menu at Mr Wolf with your friends and family. It would be the perfect choice for a lighthearted dinner.

Where: 5/F, Crawford House, 70 Queen’s Road Central, Central

For reservations: phone 2526 0838 or book online

This write-up is based on a complimentary media tasting provided in exchange for an honest review and no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed here represent the author’s.

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