Chapter at ifc mall offers all-day European-inspired culinary creations in the heart of Central

If you’re looking for a spot with a serene ambience to enjoy some delectable bites as you take a break from your shopping spree at bustling ifc mall – or if you’re seeking a peaceful respite from your daily life as a Central office-goer – I have just the restaurant for you.

At newly opened chapter, a European-inspired all-day-dining destination overlooking Victoria Harbour, you’ll be enveloped by the eatery’s tranquil atmosphere. The new restaurant takes pride in curating a carefully crafted menu, ensuring that guests can relish a wide array of culinary delights from dawn till dusk.

Cinsault at chapter

We arrived at chapter just before sunset and found ourselves stepping inside a spacious, elegant dining room that emanates a soothing, cosy vibe. Currently, the restaurant is offering a three-course set dinner menu that’s priced according to the main course chosen.

The complimentary bread service (not pictured) is a highlight at chapter. I’m a firm believer that bread and butter set the tone of a meal. The sourdough, made in-house, boasts a pleasant crust, while the interior crumb is soft and chewy. The bergamot-infused butter adds a delightful flavour to this already exquisite bread.

On chapter’s wine list, a bottle from Lebanon – a rarity in Hong Kong – captivated my interest. This light-bodied Lebanese red, crafted entirely from the lesser-known Cinsault grape, presents delicate floral notes with bright red fruit flavours and velvety tannins. It would be helpful to know why this particular red wine has been featured, along with some interesting anecdotes about the winery itself. 

Foodie and chapter, Hong Kong

Our starter dazzled with its alluring presentation. Nestled within a silver screw-top tin, the Spanish Angus beef tartare (+HK$88) is adorned with the golden hue of a luscious raw egg yolk and a dash of vibrant greens. Without the inclusion of additional ingredients like onion and caper, the natural flavour of the beef shines through, and each bite offers a seamless silkiness that gently envelops the palate.

Foodie and chapter, Hong Kong

A choice of French onion soup as a starter is also included on the set dinner menu, as is a grilled prawn baby gem Caesar salad with poached egg (not pictured), both at no additional cost.

Foodie and chapter, Hong Kong

Chapter’s commitment to using healthy and sustainable ingredients whenever possible is evident in the extensive selection of mains on the set menu. This includes the grilled Canadian natural pork tomahawk (HK$480), which comes with glazed shallot, grilled courgette and sage-Cheddar mashed potato. The charred pork has an intensely satisfying smokiness, with the texture offering a nice balance of being both firm and tender. This dish would have been even more enjoyable if the pork was slightly juicier.

Foodie and chapter, Hong Kong

The white cod piccata (HK$480), bathed in a lemon-caper sauce, also stands out amongst the mains. The cod is expertly seared, boasting an appealing golden brown crust. As my fork glided effortlessly through the fish, its velvety and succulent texture was unveiled, followed by its melt-in-the-mouth delicate sweetness. This is another example of chapter’s dedication to sourcing the most exceptional meat and seafood offerings.

Foodie and chapter, Hong Kong

Our dinner reached its pinnacle with chapter’s signature pistachio mille-feuille (+HK$58), served with a scoop of vanilla gelato and a scattering of freshly chopped strawberries – a true feast for the eyes. The pistachio cream infuses the layers of the dessert with a vibrant green hue, creating a stunning contrast against the delicate golden pastry, with the pastry’s flakiness harmonising with the creaminess of the filling. Each bite becomes a delightful interplay of texture and flavour that captivates the palate.

Other dessert options that don’t come with a top-up fee include homemade gelato and sorbet and burnt cheesecake; particularly tempting are the unique sorbet flavours of basil strawberry, red wine raspberry and lime cucumber.


chapter’s inviting, tranquil atmosphere creates an ideal space for relaxing after a long day. The set dinner menu caters to various diet preferences, featuring carefully chosen ingredients that are especially suitable for those seeking hormone-free meat options. In addition, the eatery offers breakfast with homemade baked goods, weekly rotating lunch items, afternoon tea and drinks for happy hour. We think chapter is a prime destination to unwind and dine from sunrise till sunset.

Where: Shop 1081, 1/F, ifc mall, 8 Finance Street, Central

For reservations: phone 2982 1883 or book online

This write-up is based on a complimentary media tasting provided in exchange for an honest review and no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed here represent the author’s.

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