Sometimes, we just crave the simplicity of a comforting sandwich to fill our heart and belly. One sandwich that ranks high on our hit list is the banh mi, the Vietnamese sarnie that’s become synonymous with street food in that country.

Here to satisfy our banh mi cravings in Hong Kong, Vietnamese-born founder Kiki Phung has recently opened small takeaway shop Banh Mi Nem in Wan Chai, just a few doors down from the historic Blue House.

Banh Mi Nem banh mi
Bánh mì dặc biệt (HKD78)

After trying Banh Mi Nem’s bánh mì dặc biệt (HKD78), we think the eatery’s Vietnamese sandwiches rank amongst the most authentic in town. This classic cold-cut version features 10 types of filling, starting off with a very generous smear of the house-made rich, savoury pâté. The super-crispy baguette is as bona fide as it gets, crafted according to a recipe passed down by a renowned bakery in Ho Chi Minh City (you know it’s authentic when the crumbs rain down upon first bite).

Only 100 banh mi are made fresh each day, usually selling out by 6PM on weekdays and as early as 2:30PM at the weekend. The grilled chicken bánh mì gà (HKD68) and plant-based, tofu-filled bánh mì chay (HKD68) are additional banh mi recommendations.

Also offered at Banh Mi Nem are Vietnamese staple bites the likes of chả giò (HKD68/4pcs), or double-crusted fried spring rolls that are light and crisp, and bún nem nướng (HKD68), pairing cold vermicelli with grilled pork skewers, lettuce, herbs, peanuts, fried shallots, spring onion oil, and fish sauce.

Banh Mi Nem, 247–249 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, 9899 1247

Stephanie Pliakas is the Digital Editor of Foodie. From Michelin-starred fine-dining to the local comfort-food eats dished out at cha chaan tengs, she has immersed herself in the 852’s ever-changing food scene since making Hong Kong her home more than a decade ago. When Stephanie is not devouring something delicious, she’s cooking and baking up a storm at home (whilst listening to true crime podcasts).

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