Chilli Fagara is indeed a Hong Kong F&B success story, launched in Soho in 2005 by Chongqing-born chef Chan Kai Ying to introduce the complex flavours of Sichuan cuisine to a Hong Kong audience.

Celebrating its 18 years as a Sichuan powerhouse in Hong Kong, constantly evolving to the needs and tastes of its clientele, Chilli Fagara is now offering a limited-time “Retro Eighteen” menu that showcases 18 signature dishes from the restaurant’s illustrious history – six different dishes each month for the next three months from May 13.

During the inaugural month of May, the dishes range from the showstopping 18 Dynasty Delights (HKD888), an 18-item platter embodying the iconic “ma” (numbing), “la” (spicy), and “tang” (neutral) flavour profiles of Sichuan cuisine, to beef stir-fry with 18-year-old tangerine peel (HKD288), to Drunken Concubine mapo tofu (HKD298).

Dishes set to dazzle diners in the menu’s second month include the Chilli Fagara Dungeness crab (HKD988), fiery braised oxtail (HKD398), and caramelised beef with foie gras (HKD108).

The limited-time 18th-anniversary menu wraps up its final month featuring classic Sichuan flavours in plates such as kung pao calamari (HKD268), stir-fried winter bamboo shoots (HKD228), and bamboo pickled beef (HKD228).

Chilli Fagara, 7 Old Bailey Street, Soho, Central, 2796 6866/2796 6766, book here

Stephanie Pliakas is the Digital Editor of Foodie. From Michelin-starred fine-dining to the local comfort-food eats dished out at cha chaan tengs, she has immersed herself in the 852’s ever-changing food scene since making Hong Kong her home more than a decade ago. When Stephanie is not devouring something delicious, she’s cooking and baking up a storm at home (whilst listening to true crime podcasts).

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