Pick &amp; Choose - NEW Lunch Menu at Mrs. Pound <br>

Pick & Choose - NEW Lunch Menu at Mrs. Pound

Mix & Match menu for the lunchtime feed.

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Celia Hu  Celia Hu  | over 3 years ago

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Bang for Your Buck: Mrs. Pound has been enticing diners with her quirky brand of eclectic South East Asian comfort favorites since its grand opening this January. This week, we see the unveiling of a brand new lunch menu, aptly named "Mr. Ming's Lunch Menu" after the fabled siren's mysterious lover. The new menu waves adieu to the old setup of main dish and salad combo, and allows diners to sample from a wide range of much-adored offerings by picking two items, plus a choice of steamed rice, ginger rice, or roti canai. Each lunch set also comes with a choice of soft drinks, tea, coffee, Basil Soda or Lychee Spritzer, for a tidy sum of $98.

Justin Lim Photography

Justin Lim Photography

On the Menu: The new menu premiers fresh additions, such as the crunchy yet creamy panko-crusted avocado fries with chilli-mayo dip, and the juicy chicken burger topped with refreshing dill-yogurt sauce. Old favorites such as the spice-infused slow braised beef rendang, seafood laksa and succulent Hainan chicken still hold firm on the new menu.

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Mrs. Pound, 6 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan, 3426-3949, www.mrspound.com 

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