Pimp Your Popcorn

Pimp Your Popcorn

Here are 10 ways to pimp your popcorn, just in time for your next movie night

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Back to basics

The Classic Homemade Popcorn

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Such a basic batch. Basic meaning no further seasonings, and it's made in a pot on the stove. Also because microwavable popcorn is not that good for you. Use healthy oil alternatives such as coconut oil also makes this a great snack for when you are trying to be healthy. 

Recipe from Simply Recipes.

Spice it up

Pad Thai Popcorn

pad thai, popcorn, food wishes

For some reason, Pad Thai is one of the most requested dishes when it comes to Thai cuisine. The sweet and spicy kick is so good and imagine how epic the flavours would be on popcorn!

Recipe from Food Wishes.

Cinnamon bun popcorn

cinnamon bun, food network, recipe, cinnamon popcorn

Photo / Food Network

No really...This is a thing. Easy and healthy, vanilla protein powder makes this positively health- geared, as long as your chosen sweetener is unrefined.

Recipe from The Big Man’s Work.

Add a mad alcoholic kick

Tequila Popcorn

A teaspoon of tequila won’t get you tipsy for the night's game, fear not. Kick up your popcorn with a teeny shot and save the rest for the party tomorrow.

Recipe from simply reem.

Margarita Popcorn

margarita, popcorn, recipe

Don’t feel like drinking the real thing? Try this non-alcoholic popcorn flavour that reminds you of a margarita with a dash of lime juice and a pinch of paprika.

Recipe from If You Can Make That You Can Make This.

Or make tea

Chai Tea Popcorn

We all like chai tea, which is essentially a mix of fairly common spices like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves. This popcorn recipe is as simple as adding those ingredients to the popcorn base.

Recipe from Spoon University.

Matcha Popcorn and Bonus: Milkshake!

matcha, milkshake, matcha popcorn, recipe

There are endless possibilities with popcorn. Introducing it to one of the most popular ingredients around the world, matcha, is never a bad idea. This matcha popcorn “milkshake” is a match(a) made in heaven.

Recipe from Brunch n Bites.

When it comes to chocolate, it don't matter if it's black or white

White Chocolate Popcorn

white chocolate popcorn recipe

Oh don’t be mistaken – these kernels don't have anything to do with strawberries. This eye candy is just white chocolate dyed with a little edible pink food colouring.

Recipe from EATGOOD4LIFE.

“Mexican” Hot Chocolate Popcorn

mexican hot chocolate popcorn recipe

As it goes when it comes to balance, where there is white, there must also be black. The recipe calls for only melted chocolate and a mix of Mexican spices. We suggest tossing in a handful of mini marshmallow to make it “hot chocolate” flavour!

Recipe from MACHEESMO.

Pretend you're on a hike – on your couch

Trail Mix Popcorn Balls

trail mix popcorn ball recipe

Roll up your popcorn with a crazy mix of nuts, chocolate chips, dried fruits and melted marshmallows because hiking is always better when it's done indoors and without the mountain. And when we say hiking, we mean Netflix.

Recipe from A Cookie Named Desire.

Maple Bacon Popcorn

maple bacon popcorn recipe

Maple and bacon are a classic North American breakfast staple. The salty/sweet sensation from this popcorn is just so addictive, especially when there's bourbon involved. 

Recipe from bake your day.



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