Mouldy Whopper

Mouldy Whopper

Burger King has released a time-lapse video of a decaying Whopper to try to get you to eat one

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Foodie  Foodie Your Guide to Good Taste  on 20 Feb '20

Header photo credit: Burger King via YouTube

Social media is all aflutter over Burger King’s latest PR stunt, releasing this video of a Whopper, all coiffed and ready to be devoured, time-lapsed over 34 days into a mouldy mess with the ending “THE BEAUTY OF NO ARTIFICIAL PRESERVATIVES”. The goal of the advertisement is to promote the brand’s pledge to drop all artificial preservatives across all Burger King locations.


If this didn’t make you want to go eat anything but a burger, you’re a more hardcore carnivore than we. What do you think? Does this completely unconventional campaign make you want to head on over to BK right now?

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