How Delivery Is Keeping Restaurants Afloat

How Delivery Is Keeping Restaurants Afloat

During these tricky times in Hong Kong, getting food straight to the door is a helping some to weather the storm – along with other clever ways to keep punters coming to their restaurants

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The email newsletters are pouring in – Delivery is ON; Food Anywhere!; Working from Home? Get Food Delivered to your Door. This is one way restaurants are pressing forward during these difficult times.

The restaurant industry has recently been incredibly hard hit, first by the protests that began in Hong Kong last June and now by the novel coronavirus creating widespread panic about being anywhere but in the confines of your own home.

But the F&B industry is fighting back and adapting to the ongoing challenges facing the city. One of the main ways is by offering residents food delivery to their doors.

We asked Black Sheep Restaurants Director of Business Development, Akbar Butt, who heads up their delivery system GO, how sales are going. He said, “Delivery was already the fastest-growing part of the business. January sales were 50 per cent higher than the same month last year, and cold weather always leads to a spike in orders, so it is hard to pinpoint how much effect the recent health scare has had on our delivery sales. But having the delivery system means we are able to continue to provide hospitality to our guests at a time when people are going out less, and with this in mind, we are going to be temporarily adding more of our restaurants to GO to provide guests with more options – watch this space.”

Uncle Desi Food & Sons Hong Kong

Uncle Desi Food & Sons

Gone are the days of just pizza and burgers. Now every type of food is at our fingertips, and it’s helping to keep businesses alive while people are a bit more fearful of being around, well, other people.

The SCMP reported just this morning that restaurants are installing physical barriers in the form of Perspex walls so that customers can continue to enjoy dining out with increased safety. Restaurants are also putting up partitions between tables, which might sound extreme, but really it’s no different than heading down to Ichiran for a bowl of ramen and spending some quality time with your noodles.

Deliveroo has announced that they are lowering their commission rates to help out restaurants during the current COVID-19 outbreak. The one-month 5% commission-rate-reduction programme will start from 16 February and will amount to a 15–20% discount in commission fees. The delivery company has also instituted a four-week payment-delay scheme to help with cash flow during this crisis.



Restaurants like those in the DiVino Group portfolio are emailing their clientele to let them know of the measures they are taking to ensure their customers are as safe as possible when dining with them. Their recent email stated, “In our restaurants and kitchens, hourly disinfecting of surfaces, floors, doors and other touchpoints are taking place. Hourly hand-washing has been mandated. Face masks and gloves are worn by all kitchen teams, and team members who are unwell will stay home and can return only with a medical certificate of discharge. Our bio-cleaning products from Zero Natural Force have been certified to kill the H1N1 virus. We also want to remind your our outdoor spaces make for ideal dining in light of the current situation. Please rest assured that we are taking this situation very seriously and are doing our utmost to provide a clean and healthy environment for all.”

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