Secret Gin Garden at Stockton

Secret Gin Garden at Stockton

Join the Ginnaissance this summer with Hendrick’s Gin and Stockton

shirin  shirin  on 3 Jun '17

In celebration of World Gin Day on 10 June, Stockton has teamed up with Hendrick’s Gin to commemorate all things gin, right down to a cascade of blooms transforming the speakeasy into a lavish gin garden sanctuary.

Pistachio Fizz gin cocktail

Aficionados can enjoy exclusive gin masterclasses brought to you by Stockton’s talented mixologists, from Ginvent on Tuesdays (a gin-cocktail-making masterclass) to Ginformation Thursdays (a special Hendrick’s deconstruction tasting).

the Vino Dulce gin cocktail

Or if that’s not your cup of gin, just sit back and smell the roses (more specifically, rose petal essence – just one of 11 botanicals that imbue Hendrick’s Gin with its distinctive flavours) as you enjoy a host of specially designed gin cocktails accompanied by a live jazz band (Wednesdays) and DJs (Thursdays–Saturdays).

The Secret Gin Garden takes place at Stockton until 10 June 2017.

32 Wyndham Street, Central, 2565 5268



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