Warning: only eat prime meats to avoid e.coli, salmonella or any kind of food hazards.  

How do you like your meat? Medium-well? Let me teach you the right way to appreciate meat. Straight up from the butchers.

Nah, just joking. But hey, a carpaccio sounds alright, no? 

Hong Kong people tend to be phobic and completely estranged from the idea of eating raw meat (that is, apart from sushi). Now let us explore plenty of fantastic cultures that embrace the art of raw-meat chewing, some of which you may have the privilege to experience locally here. 

Yukhoe (Korea)

Image titleYukhoe is quintessentially the steak tartare from the land of stardom – Korea. This babe features an asian-style (duh) garlicky soy sauce, and is decorated with sesame seeds on top. Sometimes, Yukhoe is served with a raw egg-yolk, similar to its Parisian counterpart we’re familiar with. But nope, no capers and shallots if that’s what you’re craving for in your meat. 

You can get this at: Sorabol Korean Restaurant (Shop 4B, L4, FoodLoft, Miramar Shopping Centre, 132 Nathan Road,Tsim Sha Tsui)

Mettwecke (Germany) 

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Weird looking, isn’t it? Mett is a grinded raw-pork paste (talk about fearless people) paired with a grilled bun that Germans eat for breakfast. Unfortunately its often a home-made delicacy so….tough luck for you Hongkers – please don’t try and make it at home with your butchers pork chop. 

Poke (Hawaii) 

Image title

A blooming favourite you’ve probably heard of, Poke is indeed a Hawaiian spin-off of your average ahi tuna ceviche. Offered in a variety of marinades, it is often paired with salad, served as an appetiser. 

You can get this at: Pololi (35-39 Graham Street, Central)

Raw Cockle Salad (Thailand) 

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If you’re aiming to be a vampire, this is for you. Literally filled with blood, these cockles are regarded the freshest of all shellfish. Pair it with a salad and you get a typical spicy dish that you can find in our favourite thai neighbourhood, Kowloon City. 

You can get this at: A nameless Thai restaurant on 27 Nam Kok Road, Kowloon City

Basashii (Japan) 

Image title

Ever went to see the ponies at the racecourse? Well, the Japanese like them tasty. Dipped in soy sauce, you eat them just like your normal sashimi. Horse meat is a speciality from the city of Kumamoto, considered luxury. 

You can get this at: Seki Tei Japanese restaurant (G/F, Shop 11C, Hart Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui) 

How do you like your meat done?  I like mine cold.

udon know me!

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