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Tonight was one of those nights where we just didn’t have the energy to cook! We didn’t want to venture far from home so we decided to see what was on offer at the Discovery Bay North Plaza. The Chef’s Choice had the appearance of being a cute little tapas bar from the outside so we decided to go there. What a great surprise! There is an amazing deli inside! There were fridges stocked with delicious cheeses, fresh salmon from Norway, Australian beef and other meats marinating in yummy sauces. After we had checked everything out we decided to order the Cubano and the Pulled Pork sandwich (pictured below) to takeaway. The meats were really tasty, especially when combined with the crunchy coleslaw, which was the best part of the sandwich. The bread rolls were so fresh too which made the sandwich nearly irresistible. We will definitely be back for a cheese platter and a glass of wine one of these Friday nights! 

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Chef’s Choice

Discovery Bay North Plaza


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