A range of spices; a rainbow of vegetables and fresh meats. An environment of beauty, splendour and enchantment. Welcome to Bali.

TRi is Hong Kong’s first Balinese restaurant, sparking a new attraction for foodies to visit. Beautifully imagined and decked out in modern interior elements, TRi faces Repulse Bay’s sea view, capturing a laid back by-the-beach vibe reminiscent of weekend getaways in the hidden beaches of Bali.

The restaurant truly lives up to the Balinese philosophy of ‘Tri Hita Karana’, meaning harmony between man, nature, and divinity. TRi’s layout represents a Balinese household in three distinct areas – the homestead, the garden and the jungle, cleverly capturing the essence of life on the island. The holistic designs are made from sustainable materials to pay tribute to the environment and create a space well inspired by the natural beauty of Ubud.

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The restaurant uses authentic recipes, drawing from Balinese festivals and day-to-day dishes of the islanders themselves. Executive Chef Conor Beach and Balinese Chef Mustika Wayan has created a menu reflecting the cuisine by using classic techniques and modern presentation to elevate the dining experience to sublime.

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Executive Chef Conor Beach and Balinese Chef Mustika Wayan

Balinese cuisine is known for their rich, lingering flavours, which TRi highlights through the use of spices, aromatics, coconut, shrimp paste, palm sugar, tamarind, lemon basil and chili, forming an explosion of flavours with every bite.

Dishes like duck, chicken, suckling pig and fresh seafood will be available – Iga Sapa, Duck Betutu and Coral Trout Red Kare are standouts of the menu.

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Coral Trout Red Kare – Pan fried coral trout, scallops, choy sum and squid in coconut curry

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Pork Belly – Grilled pork belly, spicy chili soy and pickled daikon

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Panna cotta – Coconut panna cotta, roasted pineapple, crispy roasted coconut, cinnamon black rice ice cream

TRi also offers a selection of wines and drinks to accompany your dishes, highlighting the strong flavours of Balinese cuisine as well as the complexities that make up the flavoursome food.

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Bai Tai – Rum clement shrub mixed with Jamaican darkrum, lime juice, orange curacao and basil orgeat syrup

In essence, TRi is a beautiful concept that harnesses the elements of man working sustainably with nature, and indeed in harmony with each other. It is like no other restaurant in the world, offering guests a spectacularly unique experience that should not be missed.

TRi Restaurant

Shop 302, 3/F, Lobby C, The Pulse, 28 Beach Road, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

香港淺水灣海灘道28號 The Pulse, C大堂 3樓 302 號舖

Tel: 2515 0577

Wed – Fri: 6:30 pm – 11:00 pm

Sat & Sun: 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm

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