We all know it is healthier to make your own cheese by being able to control what does and doesn’t go into our delicious creations. We also know that it is cheaper, because we aren’t paying for transport from Europe to Asia.  

But, maybe the best thing about making your own cheese is being the most interesting person at the dinner party. Are you ready to be the center of attention, finally for the right reasons? Here are 4 amazingly simple cheese recipes you can make this weekend. 

1. Ricotta cheese

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Ricotta is an Italian staple.  Yet, if making cheese is like riding a bike, than ricotta has three wheels.  With only four ingredients, this recipe is a great starting point for the aspiring cheesemaker.  And if you need more convincing, know that it is nearly impossible to mess up or stop eating, as homemade ricotta is much smoother and creamier than store-bought.  Fresh ricotta is delicious on top of toast and or in pasta dishes, like homemade lasagna.   Fair warning, it is also super addicting. 

2.  Mascarpone cheese

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If ricotta is the staple Italian savoury cheese, mascarpone is its sweeter little sister. Often used in specialty Italian desserts like tiramisu, it can cost an arm and a leg. But, at home, it costs as much as a lemon and some whipping cream. Requiring a little more time than the ricotta, this mascarpone cheese recipe makes up for it by requiring a whopping two ingredients.  Dessert here you come! 

3. Halloumi cheese

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The recipe for halloumi cheese is a little more difficult than the previous two, requiring a Junket tablet to help coagulate the cheese, as opposed to an acidic liquid, like lemon juice.  But, other than that, it’s just as simple!  The use of the Junket tablet creates a more elastic, stretchy cheese, as compared to the fresher, softer cheeses like we have discussed.  This cheese is fantastic fried as it does not melt well, especially on sandwiches or with watermelon. 

4.  Mozzarella cheese

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Alright, grasshopper, you have done the training.  You are ready for the cheese that is the most difficult of the easiest:  mozzarella.  This mozzarella recipe calls for two special ingredients: rennet and citric acid. Rennet, a liquid version of the Junket tablet, provides the nice stretchy consistency and the citric acid, a concentrated version of lemon juice, helps the cheese to coagulate.  While they are strange ingredients, don’t let these scare you off, they are just as easy to use as as their weaker cousins.  

Mozzerella is amazing on everything.   You can use the newly made white-gold to put together a killer caprese salad, homemade pizza, or a bowl of fresh mozzarella, eaten with a spoon. (We aren’t judging.)  

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