So you’ve invited a large group of friends over for a casual meal. It’ll be fine, you think. Won’t be stressful at all. You then spend a considerable amount of time contemplating over what to cook. Chicken’s boring, lamb’s too risky, but what about pork? Beef, you say. Yes, beef is a crowd pleaser, so you fork our for a beautiful piece of bone-in rib eye steak, get it all ready but then there’s the whole shebang of cooking the thing. Is it cooked through? Is it overcooked? It looks cooked but what if it’s completely raw inside? Whose idea was it to invite people over? This is a terrible idea. I’m going to give all my friends food poisoning. That’s it, party’s over. 

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To avoid any mid-dinner party breakdowns, simply follow these simple steps for the perfect OP (oven-prepared) rib.

For a 1.2kg bone-in rib eye steak

  1. Rub some salt and pepper into the meat before cooking. You can use some of Farmer’s Kitchen salts like Salt with Attitude.
  2. Optional – some people like to sear the steak before cooking to but that’s not entirely necessary.  If you like to sear your meat before cooking then place it on a hot stove top for around 30 seconds on each side till it turns brown.  Make sure the stove top is at its hottest.
  3. Place the OP rib on a roasting rack in a baking tray, so the meat is sitting above the tray and not in the tray.
  4. Place a cooking thermometer in the meat (not near or touching the bone as it will read incorrectly) and place it in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for approx. 25-40 minutes depending how you like it cooked.  
  5. When you have cooked it to your liking eg. rare (25 minutes), medium rare (30 minutes) etc. take it out of the oven and leave it on the rack to let it rest for approximately 5-10 minutes before cutting it.  This resting time will keep the juices in and reduce the loss of juices whilst cutting.


NOTE:  if you like your meat medium we recommend taking it out when it gets to medium rare because it will continue to cook during the resting time.

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