Festival of Onam is celebrated by the people of Kerala, India in remembrance of a great King, Mahabali. Usually including a bunch of cultural activities and delicious vegetarian Indian food, the tradition is being brought to Kennedy Town, Hong Kong. 

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A passionate group have vision to walk fellow Hong Kong residents and visitors through the traditional food and culture of Kerala, India. Assured this will be a new and exciting experience for the people of the 852, this will be a one time event featuring a grand vegetarian lunch, served in a banana leaf platter. 


Date of event: August 29, 2015 

Venue: West Island School 

Location: Kennedy Town, Hong Kong (5 mins from Kennedy Town MTR)

Cost: HKD 150 per person 

Website for registration & more details: http://pettikkada.hk/onam_sadhya.html

Kindly note that registrations will close by August 22, 2015

For further queries:

Whatsapp: +852-93-100-213 

Email: onamsadhya@pettikkada.hk 

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