Two sisters, Rachel and Priscilla, have created a brand of chocolate that is seeing buzzing about all over the city. Having dipped their toes into everything from health coaching, culinary academies and raw nutrition between the two of them, they eventually resolved that chocolate was the way they wanted to go, and since have created a product that is truly ethical, truly slow and truly delicious: blocks of the most pure chocolate we have ever tasted. 

Raiz the Bar makes fresh, organic, raw (cold-processed), low glycemic, single origin, small batch, allergen friendly chocolate from un-roasted winnowed cacao beans which are ethically sourced direct from a farm co-op in Indonesia.  They create their own cacao liquor (also known as cacao paste or couverture) right here in HK. Their factory is gluten-free, dairy-free, tree nut-free and always under 47C (118F), which means their chocolate is always cold-processed, thereby retaining optimal nutritional value.

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It takes four days for each small batch of chocolate to be stone-ground, poured, tempered, moulded, adorned and packaged.  The low glycemic, handcrafted, plant-based bars are free of refined sugar, dairy, gluten, soy, agave, tree nuts (including peanuts), GMO, additives, preservatives and fillers. In essence, if Mother Teresa could be made into chocolate, she would be made into Raiz the Bar chocolate. 

There are many flavours, a bunch of which contain superfoods, and you can buy them individually in places like Green Common, Spice Box Organics and Elephant Grounds (in Wong Chuk Hang). With the response they have received in the short time they have been circulating, we can tell it is going to be a huge year ahead for them. We cannot wait to see what this brand inspires, and we are thrilled by their existence. Such thoroughly conscious F&B businesses in Hong Kong are something we cannot see enough of, and Raiz the Bar is setting the standard for the industry, and indeed raising bars city-wide.  

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