Good news for all chocolate lovers; Master Swiss Chocolatier LINDT is introducing a brand new innovative flavour to its EXCELLENCE line of dark chocolate mid-October, perfect for those adventurous souls craving something new and refreshing for their daily chocolate dose.

The Lime Intense will combine the zest of lime with the richness of dark cocoa to create a luscious, citrusy concoction.

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Lindt Lime Chocolate

Those unfamiliar with the LINDT EXCELLENCE range should also try their other varieties of dark chocolate flavours under the same line which include:

EXCELLENCE 70% Cocoa Dark – A tablet with an initial slightly bitter taste and a well-balanced level of sourness. Its intense and strong aroma of cocoa, scents reminiscent of dried fruits and tobacco creates a full-bodied intense flavour.

EXCELLENCE 85% Cocoa Dark – Upon first taste, 85% is somewhat bitter, but the mellowing effect of cocoa butter ensures a balance of earthiness and citrusy flavours.

EXCELLENCE 90% Cocoa Dark – A full-bodied dark chocolate masterfully crafted to be smooth and rich on the palate with a strong aroma of cocoa and hints of vanilla, espresso and toasted nuts.

EXCELLENCE 99% Cocoa Dark – Excellence 99% Cocoa Dark reveals the true taste and strength of exceptional cocoa beans. Its roasted flavour melts slowly in the mouth. Vanilla, rich fudge and blackberries are also present.

EXCELLENCE Dark with a Touch of Sea Salt – This sweet-meets-tangy blend mixes honey-flavoured cocoa contrasted with a surprising bite of mineral rich Fleur de Sel sea salt.

The EXCELLENCE line is best known for it’s top notch quality for using a high proportion of Flavour Cocoa, a premium type of cocoa bean accounting for only 5% of the world’s supply.

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Click here for more information on LINDT EXCELLENCE.

Our digital editor was very excited by the press gift sent by LINDT. They sure know how to impress.

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