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Mammy Pancake 媽咪雞蛋仔

Mammy’s egg puff is the original. It’s perfectly puffed, eggy and medially sweet. They have plenty of other toppings but there’s no doubt that the original flavour is already enough to get one addicted. It is freshly made, with crunchy edges and served hot.

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Original egg puff

Source: Spot The Food – Egg Waffle or Puff?


To recall, Oddies is an ice cream parlour, known for their smooth homemade vanilla gelato. A favourite from them is the Dr Oddie – with ginger sorbet and buttery cookie crumbs.

On top of that, during the Lunar New Year, Oddies creates a new fusion egg puff that is stuffed with pieces of Chinese preserved sausages. The preserved sausages have a savoury chewiness to them and add a slightly surprising scent to this ordinary street snack.

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Chinese sausages fusion eggette

Source: Spot The Food – Fusion Eggette


This snack deli is well-known exclusively for their wide variety of egg puff fillings. A few different varieties include: sesame, cheese, chocolate, red bean paste and mashed taro.

The lady who displays so much patience and attention to the egg puffs is greatly appreciated here. She makes the eggs puffs by mashing a generous portion of taro paste between the batter, then uses the machine to sandwich the waffle and pours more batter around the edge. Eventually, the egg waffle is made perfectly round in shape complete with perfectly crisp edges. The final product tastes deliciously eggy and is filled with mashed taro that is sweet to my liking.

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Egg waffle with fresh taro paste filling

Source: Spot The Food – Mashy Taro Puff

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