Tsui Hang Village 翠享村

This Sunday dim sum restaurant is presented by the Mira Group in Tsim Sha Tsui, complete with a pleasant environment and quality, classic dim sum. They have a piggy bun which is filled with a purple sweet potato puree. It is sweet, natural and generically appetising.

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Steamed potato puree buns in pig shape

Source: Spot The Food – Piggy Bun

Empire City Roasted Duck 大都烤鴨

This Pekinese restaurant is a product of the Super Star Group. Their signature is the Peking duck  which is roasted in a lychee wood oven and served alongside some less traditional condiments such as purple turnips and honey melon. What makes a special ending here is the custard pastry assembled to look like a mini duckling. It’s extremely crumbly, despite the filling being a tad dry.

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Baked green apple & custard in duck shape

Source: Spot The Food – Duckie New Year

Social Place 唐宮小聚

The Social Place offers continental Cantonese dim sum in a healthy and modern way, claiming to use rice bran oil without any MSG. The Social Place can be reached at the 2/F of The L. Place, with a spacious Tiffany-blue themed environment and two open kitchens containing bamboo steamers. A terrific sampler is the thousand year eggs, flavoured with black vinegar, spicy Sichuan sauce and leaves of cilantro. Call it the “evil goldfish”!

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Century eggs in Sichuan sauce

Photo credit: Social Place

Source: Spot The Food – Dinner

Tang’s Cuisine 唐宮壹號

One of the Tang’s Palace food and beverage restaurants based in China, Tang’s Cuisine is a new restaurant launched after the Social Place here in Hong Kong. Situated in the Hopewell Centre of Wan Chai, it is certainly up to standards. It offers patrons an elegant dining room and pleasurable caterings. A signature would be the roast goose pastry that is assembled to look like a beautiful swan.

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Roast goose pastry

Source: Spot The Food – The Pigeon to Swan

Greater China Club 大公館

The Greater China Club is the latest membership club situated in Lai Chi Kok. This Cantonese restaurant is operated by a Michelin 3 star chef, who has received various culinary awards and worked at another Michelin 3 star hotel restaurant – The Eight. The menu offers an extensive tailor-made dim sum, along with refined presentations including the mini salmon-shaped puffs stuffed with salmon cheese filling and the three little pigs of chewy glutinous dumplings and delectable Iberico pork.

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Baked salmon puffs with cheese

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Deep-fried prime Iberico pork & dried shrimp dumplings

Source: Spot The Food – Adorable Fine DiningImage title

The Eight 8餐廳

Finally, it is the Michelin 3 star rated restaurant located in the Grand Lisboa Hotel Macau serving upscale Chinese cuisine. Things get started with an amuse bouche and end with Chinese petit fours that usually include a cup of milk tea. The signature dim sum menu offers crab tartlets with a golden and buttery crust that’s stuffed with generous portions of Portuguese sauced crab meat. The snowman bun has her head filled with red bean and coconut whilst her body is made with custard and bird nest. Everything is so deliciously adorable!

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Baked tartlet with crabmeat in curry sauce

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Bird’s nest with egg custard and red bean in the shape of a snowman

Source: Spot The Food – Michelin Stars Dim Sum

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