What is the Kin Hong Seafood Festival? 

A month long promotion to raise public awareness about eating sustainable seafood, understanding where a restaurant’s seafood comes from, and letting the community know they can make a positive difference for our ocean by choosing dishes which are “healthy,” both in terms of seafood quality, and for the environment in the way they are caught or raised.

Where is the Kin Hong Seafood Festival held? 

We have partnered with over 30 restaurants, hotels and caterers around Hong Kong who have agreed to use only sustainable seafood for the month of November to raise awareness about the need, and opportunity, to help improve the ocean’s health by choosing to eat sustainably.  You can find out exactly which restaurants are involved by checking the List of Participating Restaurants Part I and Part II with Part III to be released very soon. 

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Why is it important to participate in the Kin Hong Seafood Festival? 

  • There is a very apparent need for healthy seafood and for sustainable seafood in Hong Kong, a city which has one of the highest seafood consumption rates in the world. 
  • Worldwide, people eat four times as much fish now than they did in 1950. In 2007 we reached a historic high of annual fish consumption, at 17 kg per person worldwide (the equivalent of about 56 mackerel each per person), according to the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation. 
  • We pull 120 million tonnes of fish from the ocean each year.  That is similar to taking 120 million cows from the sea, and we do not even consume that many on land annually.
  • Most of the local fish species in Hong Kong have been overfished to alarming levels, and as a result, over 80% of the seafood we consume is imported, meaning we are impacting the ocean ecosystem in other locations due to our consumption.  

It has never been more necessary to focus on the origin of our food, and by doing so, we can ensure that the ocean will continue to produce seafood for today, as well as for our children and the next generations. By participating in the Kin Hong Seafood Festival, you show support for a better food system and help raise awareness, and show demand, for seafood that is sustainably provided.  

How do I participate in the Kin Hong Seafood Festival?  

Easy! Just choose to eat at any one of the listed restaurants (part I and part II) during November, and try one of the sustainable seafood dishes on their menu.  You will lend your voice, dime and time to one of the more urgent sustainability movements in Hong Kong. 

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