Branching from London, Jinjuu is a modern Korean restaurant that was created by Iron Chef UK Judy Joo (a French-trained Korean-American Londoner). The restaurant, situated at the bottom of the newly opened tower of gastronomy that is California Tower, offers modern Korean dishes with an innovative twist. The modern approach plays with dishes like Korean fried chicken, bibimbaps, and Korean burger sliders, and on the bar side, Jinjuu houses a large (the largest in HK in fact) selection of sochu. 

We caught up with Chef Joo to talk about London and Hong Kong, Korean fusion, hot sauce and must try dishes at Jinjuu:

Chef Judy Joo at Jinjuu

Chef Judy Joo

London has embraced your concept easily; Hong Kong is bound to do the same. What makes your restaurant different to other Korean restaurants?

Jinjuu is modern Korean food that is presented in a fun and fashionable way complete with cool soju based cocktails. We have a very strong commitment to provenance and source all of our ingredients carefully. We also have the largest selection of Korean drinks and alcohol in Hong Kong. Our mixture of street food and traditional classic dishes is unique and make for a delicious culinary experience.

The Korean philosophy is drinking should be complemented with good food; what is your favourite food/drink combination?

I love our Kimchi Bloody Mary with our mini Korean Fried Chicken Sliders.

Korean Sliders at Jinjuu

Korean sliders

Kimchi Bloody Mary at Jinjuu

Kimchi Bloody Mary at Jinjuu

Does Korean fusion excite or offend you?

Fusion food excites me absolutely. Korean fried chicken is a fusion dish. Today’s invention is tomorrow’s tradition.

Which dish do you believe best sums up your cooking style?

Our braised short ribs is one of my favourites. It is a modern interpretation of the classic Korean dish Kalbi Ggim. We have utilized some Western techniques, but kept true to Korean flavors.

Favourite family recipe?

My mum’s dumplings and kimchi are the best.

Scottish Salmon at Jinjuu

Scottish Salmon at Jinjuu

Comfort food?

A hot bowl of spicy tofu stew.

What is one of the meals/recipes you have been the most proud of in your career?

My team and I did a large dinner for Noblesse magazine in Seoul, Korea a couple of years ago based on an Alice in Wonderland theme. It was very fun.

What do you dislike about the food scene in Hong Kong?

It is so good that I can’t stop eating out and it’s making me fat.

Sae Woo Pops at Jinjuu

Sae Woo Pops at Jinjuu

How do you take your coffee?

I usually drink lattes. Sometimes a flat white.

What’s the most overrated Korean food?

Fermented skate. It smells and tastes like ammonia. I’m not a fan.

What is the most underrated Korean food?

Korean rice cakes called tteok. We put them in soup, stews, stirfries, etc. They add a great toothsome texture, but my non-Korean chefs don’t like them at all!

Bibimbap at Jinjuu

Bibimbap at Jinjuu

What is in your fridge?

About 25 different kinds of hot sauces from all over the world.

Sweet or salty?

Salty definitely.

What must people order when they come to Jinjuu?

Korean fried chicken, short ribs, seabass.

For cocktails try the K-pop Pornstar and the Kimchi Bloody Mary.

Korean Fried Chicken at Jinjuu

Korean Fried Chicken

Kpop Pornstar at Jinjuu

Kpop Pornstar

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