Siu mei (Cantonese roast meats) can be such a conflation of hate and desire here at Foodie sometimes. On one hand, these flavourful, rotisserie-oven-roasted pieces of heaven are so hard to pass up, especially when you can literally smell them on every corner of the street here at Wan Chai. On the other, we feel so guilty every time we order takeaway siu mei because they’re always packed in styrofoam boxes that feels like a smack on the face from nature.

Char Siu and Soy sauce boneless chicken thigh rice

Great news for you Central folks. Good BBQ is a newly opened shop that serves siu mei packaged in bright coloured recyclable paper boxes, a much welcomed change in our opinion. They serve 5 different kinds of siu mei currently including char siu (barbequed pork), crispy pork belly, soy sauce chicken, boneless chicken and roast duck, sold at prices from $36 to $48. Their char siu, in particular, is revamped and has pork cooked sous vide to produce a lighter coloured but healthier and tastier variation compared to the traditional method. They’re also particular about their vegetable pairings and offer four kinds of cold side veggie including eggplants, homemade kimchi, spinach with sesame sauce and fried okra with spicy Szechuan pepper oil and vinegar dressing. Healthier, more environmentally friendly siu mei? Now we like the sound of that!

Good BBQ box

Good BBQ facade

Good BBQ

Shop 2, 39 Queen’s Road, Central (entrance at Li Yuen Street East)

Facebook Page or Tel: 9852 1062 (orders can be placed through whatsapp)

Hours: Mon to Fri from 11:00am to 8:00pm

Takeaway only

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