Coffee lovers of Hong Kong, have you met Caffè Perfetto yet? This is a homegrown brand, established in 2014, offering up unique blends of Italian coffee in capsule form compatible with most machines on the market. What began as a personal journey for the founder, trying to find a more reasonable alternative to the only option for single-use coffee in Hong Kong for his family and friends, turned into a successful and in demand business venture that has java-loving enthusiasts expressing both thankful taste buds and wallets. 

Spill the beans

The beans that compile every capsule of Caffè Perfetto are of the highest quality, sourced from small farms in South America where they are transported for roasting to the tiny town of Sarcedo, just outside of the oldest coffee-loving city in Italy, Venice. The first coffee house in Europe opened in Venice in 1640, which quickly turned into hundreds of similar establishments replicating their way through to all the major cities of Italy. This is a place with a lengthy history of coffee appreciation and that knows how to do coffee right; Caffè Perfetto has capitalised on this knowledge by basing the all-important roasting process in Sarcedo’s experienced hands.  

Italians are serious about their coffee 

Italy also has a coffee culture that is unique and completely dedicated to the beverage with a day that is led by coffee rituals. The day begins with the national breakfast of Italy, coffee, followed by a post-lunch espresso, afternoon pick-me-up and an after dinner coffee finisher. Coffee drinking in Italy is not a sit down and enjoy affair either, the coffees are small for a reason, and are meant to be drunk in two to three sips for a mini but mighty shot of quality caffeine al banco (at the bar) standing amongst friends. 

Espresso means “made on the spot” and the very espresso machine originated in Italy in 1884 by an inventor in Turin to facilitate the quick and efficient production of great quality coffee in an instant. Another ode to the Italian love of a great, pure coffee is the fact that there are currently no Starbucks coffee-houses anywhere in entire country. Currently, if you order a latte in Italy, you’ll be served a glass of milk. 

Create your own Italian cafe culture by standing in your kitchen enjoying a Caffè Perfetto, or at work al banco with a colleague; either way Italian coffee culture can be enjoyed anywhere you like simply by drinking it Italian style. 

Caffè Perfetto

Ranging from dark to light roasts, these unique and exceptional blends are expertly prepared, using the highest quality beans, all crafted from a local Hong Kong company for your drinking pleasure. 

To sample the flavours yourself and become part of this coffee-loving family, visit www.caffeperfetto.comImage title

High Quality Italian Coffee. Your Perfect Cup of Coffee Every Day.

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