There’s no way to say it succinctly, but vegetarian-fine-dining-menus-in-restaurants-that-also-serve-meat are as rare as the fish supplies many vegetarians avoid eating. It’s a sweet spot, and the restaurants who have excelled in their plant-based menu to the level they’ve nailed their meatier menus means harmony and enjoyment for all. 

Try these three restaurants next time you’re looking for a sophisticated menu which satisfies all palates. 

1. NUR 

NUR's vegetarian menu

Pistachio cream and housemade miso filled lettuce leaves

Image title

There seems to be few restaurants able to innovative at the pace NUR does. Their motto of nourishing gastronomy really comes into its own with the plant-based menu, where a lettuce filled with pistachio creme is as craveable as the homemade tempeh. A stunning chocolate brulee dish harmoniously concludes an impressive nine-course tasting menu, and reinforcing fine dining, vegetarian, nutritious and Hong Kong can all be said in the same sentence without wanting to poke yourself in the eye.  

Website or Tel: 2871 9993

Image title

2. Caprice 

Mushroom pie at the Four Seasons Hong Kong

Mushroom pie served tableside

Fig dessert at the Four Seasons Hong Kong

Dessert of figs (seasonal)

We’ve already written at length about the Four Seasons’ ability to produce a menu where the purple sweet potato foam with lentils course is as impressive as their slow cooked Scottish salmon, but just to reaffirm, Caprice is a palace for vegetarians. Chef Fabrice is uncompromising on a seasonally changing menu, which means a white truffle risotto in the cooler months and a pineapple and passion fruit souffle right now.

Website or Tel: 3196 8888

3. Sevva

Risotto at Sevva in Hong Kong

Mrs. B’s Risotto 

Image titleNub Nub 

Sometimes it pays to be so pretty. Sevva takes the crown for the most beautiful CBD vegetarian-friendly restaurant as well as genuinely nourishing and tasty. Organic produce is used throughout the menu, where everything from the green soup with cress, Mrs B’s risotto to the vegetarian wontons are memorable. This is the place you would go to impress a date/out of towner/picky vegetarian friend for an all in one experience. 

Website or Tel: 2537 1388

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