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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that our body stays healthy when our Yin and Yang are balanced. However, if we eat too much of a certain type of food, it may disrupt this balance and lead to illness. When this happens, there are further foods that you must avoid in order to stop the situation from worsening. For example, if you have skin allergies, you must avoid seafood; if you are bloated, you should not eat salty food. We’ve prepared a handy crib sheet of the illnesses and accompanying foods to avoid so you can get better, whatever your ailment may be.

1. If you’ve got a cold

Avoid: bananas, oranges, asparagus juice (who drinks asparagus juice anyway!?), lamb, ice, and alcohol.

2. You’re hacking your lungs up with a cough

Avoid: ice lollies and ice-cream, oranges, fried/ grilled foods, spicy foods, peanuts, sweets and alcohol. (Or otherwise read as have no fun.)

3. Allergies (includes: Hives, Eczema, Asthma and Hay Fever)

Avoid: seafood, mango, ice, taro, longan and lychee.

4. Insomnia 

Avoid: alcohol, coffee (if you’re still drinking this, you may deserve your sleeplessness), garlic, onion, hot pepper.

5. Bruises (who knew you could eat to avoid these, I would have thought just not walking into stuff would help)

Avoid: vinegar, peanuts, sweets, bananas, beer, pig’s head and bones (so specific!)

6. Low Blood Pressure

Avoid: celery (there’s the diet down the drain)

7. High Blood Pressure

Avoid: salty foods, egg yolks and animal organs.

8. Stomach Ulcers

Avoid: beans, bamboo shoots, alcohol, pineapple, pickled vegetables, glutinous rice, hot pepper and guava. 

9. Acute Gastritis

Avoid: oily/ fried foods, alcohol, hot pepper and glutinous rice.

10. Chronic Gastritis

Avoid: all cold foods, sweets and fermented foods.

Be well. And when you’re not sick eat what you like! 

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