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As a global food destination, Hong Kong is not only famous for its mouth-watering street food but also for its vast selection of snacks, ranging from biscuits to snack noodles to candies. Here are the top 5 local snacks that most adults will still remember and crave from their childhood days: 

1. Mamee Monster Noodle Snacks

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Mamee Monster Noodle Snacks are some of the most popular and cheapest snacks amongst Hong Kong kids. Most people will remember the brand’s iconic character, the blue Mamee Monster that appeared in TV adverts who danced along to the rhythm of the shaking sound of the noodle package. The best thing about this wonderful snack is that it can be consumed ‘raw’.

2. Want Want Shelly Senbei 

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These rice crackers are one of the few Chinese snacks that have made their way into the international arena – people around the world are mad for Want Want (even Amazon sell them online to customers in the US). This snack is so desirable amongst children and adults not only because of its sweet-yet-salty taste but also because it’s individually packaged and easy to consume.

3. Beef Flavoured Crunchies 

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What makes this snack so special is both its unique salty, beefy flavour and its funky shape. Although it doesn’t taste as good as I remember it did as a child, it still brings back a lot of fond memories – rushing to the school tuck shop to buy a bag.

4. Korepab Snacks 

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Although this snack originates in Korea, it is immensely popular amongst Hong Kong schoolchildren, especially the chicken- and seaweed-flavoured varieties. This snack is not only tasty and addictive but also fun to eat – the crackers are shaped like fish, crabs, whales and squid. 

5. White Rabbit Creamy Candy 

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Most people who have never eaten this treat before will be confused as to whether one should eat the layer of rice paper that is wrapped around the candy. If you still don’t know, you can devour the whole candy together with the rice paper. White Rabbit is sweet, creamy and satisfyingly chewy, so it’s a good go-to candy when you want to chew on something while you work/chill out. 

These snacks are available for purchase at supermarkets and corner shops around Hong Kong.

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