We promise, it’s not a trick question. Thinking about attending our Food’s Future Summit next month? You’ll be in good company, surrounded by like-minded foodies, chefs, restaurateurs and inventors. Do you fit into any of of the below categories? If so, join us!

Anyone who loves to eat

  • Particularly those who care about what they eat
  • Those who care about what and how they will eat in the future
  • Definitely those who care about how their eating habits will impact the world in the future

Those who feed us 

  • Those involved in the F&B industry, be they restaurateurs, chefs, bartenders, food suppliers or vendors

Those who will shape our food’s future

  • Inventors of cool food- and/or beverage-related gadgets
  • Those involved in F&B start-ups

There you have it. Who should come to the Food’s Future Summit? See, it’s not a tricky question at all.

YOU should join us.

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Our goal is to inspire and initiate change within the world of food.

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