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Our dining future definitely involves eating mindfully, being sustainable and cutting down on waste. And we can‘t wait to learn more ways to create an eco-friendly future at the Food‘s Future Summit on Saturday, 12 August 2017.

But we don‘t want to stop there, so we‘ve decided to dial it up a notch and challenge ourselves and our food-loving participants to a (nearly) waste-free event. Not going to lie, this will not be easy. But we are determined to walk the walk and make history as the first low-waste event in Hong Kong.

No Bottled Water 

Instead, the folks at Urban Spring will hook up their cool-water filter system, Well井, to serve water straight from the tap. They will also set up bottles and cups for rental. Reuse and repurpose – we can definitely drink to that!

No Disposable Food Containers

Our lunch partner, nood food, will be ditching disposable containers for their delicious wraps, serving them on large platters instead. We are stepping up to provide each Summit attendee with a cool lunchbox to use at the event and also to take home (yep, everyone gets one). Bonus: the lunchboxes are collapsible, so they are super easy to carry around and will also save you some money on to-go boxes. It‘s the gift that keeps on giving…

No Printed Programmes

Admittedly, this one caused a little internal debate. Having a printed programme is very convenient – a staple at conferences, many would argue. But with everyone having a mobile phone these days, we have decided not to print our programme but, instead, will provide a digital, downloadable version. We will also flash the programme on big screens throughout the day. We‘re going digital all the way, baby!

No Plastic Cups    

Yes, we are ditching plastic and using compostable cups and plates supplied by our friends at Vegware. We are also encouraging our vendors not to use plastic and attendees to bring their own flasks. 

Composting Food Waste

We will be collecting food waste at the event and feeding the leftovers to the compost machines provided by Oklin International. We have never been so excited about food waste!

All this planning is cool, but we need YOU to help us to create a Food‘s Future Summit that will be both history- and future-making! 

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