It‘s a big claim to say we have an amazing line-up, so you didn‘t think we‘d stop after the morning, did you? In fact, the morning session is really just enough to whet your appetite about our food‘s future. The afternoon session is equally rich (if not more) with fab content and speakers. Are you ready? *deep breath* Here goes:

Afternoon session – 2–7pm

In the afternoon, our venue, Eaton House, will be divided into three sessions that will run concurrently, so choose wisely!

Fireside chats (2–5:45pm)

Fireside chats are designed to shorten the distance (literally) between the audience and speakers. 

Session 1: Food Packaging and Sustainable Ocean Health (2–2:45pm)

To maintain a sustainable seafood supply, we must first create a sustainable ocean environment. What are the challenges and triumphs? The three panellists will share different perspectives on the issue of ocean health and case studies that show how sustainable seafood can be a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Moderator: Brandon Zatt – Writer, Television Producer and Presenter; Founding Partner, Great Alaska Seafood 

Doug Woodring – Director/Co-founder, Ocean Recovery Alliance

Emily Botsford – Programme Manager, ADM Capital Foundation

Benjamin So – Founder, 178 Degrees


Session 2: Bugs‘ Nation (2:45–3:30pm)

During this session, we will explore the new world of insect-based consumer packaged goods. With edible insects being transformed into (almost unrecognisable) packaged food products, we will also ask if this is the best protein alternative and the next big thing in the industry.

Moderator: Nicolette Tan – City Chapter Head (HK) and Writer, Tech in Asia; Co-organiser of the Food‘s Future Summit

Massimo Reverberi – Founder, Bugsolutely, and President of AFFIA (ASEAN Food and Feed Insects Association)

Session 3: Organic 2.0 (3:30–4:15pm)

Eating organic food is no longer a novelty. In this session, we will explore the next frontier of organic food and beverages and the new challenges we face in the organic evolution.

Moderator: Hannah Chung – Community Manager, Green Monday, and Co-organiser of the Food‘s Future Summit

Sonalie Figueiras – Founder, Green Queen and Ekowarehouse

Alvin Kwok  – CEO, Magic Season Organics

Session 4: Urban Farming (4:15–5pm)

As urbanisation accelerates around the globe, pioneers are growing vegetables in concrete jungles with great success. Our panel will share how urban farming provides opportunities to connect citizens and corporations in one harmonious cycle.

Moderator: Brandon Zatt – Writer, Television Producer and Presenter; Founding Partner, Great Alaska Seafood 

Pol Fàbrega – Co-founder, Rooftop Republic Urban Farming 

Wouter Van Marle – Founder, City Hydroponics

Session 5: Green Monday – The Full Story of Beyond Meat  (5–5:45pm)

A great story is worth sharing. While many are familiar with the social enterprise Green Monday, have shopped at Green Common and even eaten the Beyond Meat burgers, we may not know the full story of how the patties made their way from the lab to the grill in one single and brilliant vertical supply chain. We are especially lucky that we‘ll be hearing from the mastermind behind it all.  

Moderator: Lily Ng – CEO, Foodie Group Limited

David Yeung – Co-founder, Green Monday

Round-table discussions (2–5pm)

Round-table discussions are designed to gather attendees and speakers in a small-group setting that‘s great for an in-depth chat fest.

Session 1: Zero Waste (2–3pm)

As more and more businesses try to create less and less waste, what are some of the key challenges and best practices? Early pioneers who have braved the path will share their journey with us in what promises to be an engaging and intriguing discussion.

Moderator: Hannah Chung – Zero Waste Challenge Warrior

Fanny Moritz – Founder & CEO, NO!W No Waste

Paola Cortese – Founder, LoopUnite!, and Hong Kong Zero-Waster

Cristina McLauchlan – MANA!

Session 2: Sustainability on the Menu (3–4pm)

Customers say they want to eat sustainably and restaurants want to serve sustainable food. But are we there yet? Our panellists are front-line sustainability warriors who will share with us the trials, tribulations and triumphs when it comes to putting sustainable food on the menu.   

Moderator: Alicia Walker – Editor-in-chief, Foodie Group Limited

Janice Lao – Director – Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels

Peggy Chan – Executive Chef & Managing Director, Grassroots Pantry

Caroline Wong – Brand Lead and Business Development, The Bakery Depot Pte Ltd

Session 3: Dinner Disrupters (4–5pm)

What factors are changing our food habits? An overview of five game-changing trends influencing the food we eat, including some possible future scenarios, and insights into 2–3 companies that are responding to these changes.

Moderator: Nicolette Tan – City Chapter Head (HK) and Writer, Tech in Asia; Co-organiser of the Food‘s Future Summit

Anna Simpson – Chief Innovation Coach and Author, The Innovation-Friendly Organization

Market Showcase (2–6pm)

We went near and far, searched over and under for cool gadgets and food products to celebrate innovation and creative ideas. Here‘s a selection:

We‘re exhausted just thinking about it all! Following all that listening and chatting about the future, there‘s nothing better to bring us back to the present than some wine, bubbly and small bites courtesy of Fete Up and treats from Happy Cow.

So there you have it. Our incredible line-up of content, people, food and just, well, EVERYTHING at the Food‘s Future Summit. (Okay, well, unfortunately we don‘t have Leo – but hey, Leo, if you‘re reading this, your foundation is amazing! Have your people call our people.)

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