Supported by ADM Capital Foundation, the Kin Hong Seafood Festival is organised by Ocean Recovery Alliance in collaboration with Foodie. Kin hong means “healthy” in Chinese. For seafood to be sustainable it must be traceable and caught from managed stocks or farmed without causing harm to the environment and without the use of chemicals. As such, it is a healthy choice.

The goal of this international festival is to promote awareness and educate the public about responsibly sourced seafood and ocean health. And, most importantly, we want everyone to know that, as consumers, we have choices and we can actively take part in having a positive impact on our environment.    

Read more: What is the Kin Hong Seafood Festival and Why Should I Participate (2015)? 

The last festival was quite a success, with nearly 50 restaurants, supermarkets and catering companies joining forces. This year, we have set a goal of 100+! And we need your support. So if you sell or serve seafood dishes, please join us!

What will it take?

Commit to serving at least one seafood dish that is sourced from a certified sustainable seafood vendor and promote the dish during September 2017 (we have marketing materials to help you).

Who has signed up so far?

Look at the impressive list of supporters! YOU should join too.

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How to sign up or want to know more?

Contact the lovely folks at Foodie, who are helping us to coordinate this festival. Email them at

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