In celebration of its second anniversary, SKYE Roofbar & Restaurant at The Park Lane Hong Kong will be welcoming Chef Kiko Moya all the way from Spain to take diners on a memorable culinary journey this 13–15 September 2018. Hailing from two-Michelin-starred restaurant l’escaleta, Chef Moya is renowned for his avant-garde culinary style, using traditional flavours in creative ways. Fresh herbs and vegetables harvested from SKYE’s rooftop garden will be a key highlight on the menu, and the restaurant’s head chef, Lee Adams, will be working with Chef Moya for a truly collaborative menu.

Expect dishes such as cold sweet-potato noodles with rock shrimp infused with rose-petal vinegar and scorpion fish with sea urchin on the menu, as well as the curiously named brioche yeast ice cream.

We recently sat down with Chef Moya for a candid glimpse into his world of cuisine.

Tell us a little about your background. Have you always felt destined to work in the F&B industry owing to your family’s history?

Yes, I think I have always been destined for this, although I was never clear that I wanted to be a chef. I liked catering for people, and I knew that within a business, a kitchen was important. So little by little, I got stuck into the kitchen side. What has always motivated me is the challenge and how to express emotions through a plate.

Spanish gastronomy has been revolutionised by the likes of elBulli. What do you think will be the next wave of inspiration for Spanish cuisine?

I believe that the legacy of elBulli has been important for the whole world, especially because Spanish cuisine has given wings to many others with a clear message – any cuisine from any corner of the world is important. Spanish cuisine has not been colonialist in terms of ingredients; it has facilitated techniques that highlight the flavours of the world.

Where do you like to eat in Hong Kong? What’s your favourite dish?

When I visit a city, I love to “touch the sky” of the best restaurants in the city, but also go down to the street and see what it is that the citizens savour. It’s a good way to get to know a culture. I will not leave without trying the dim sum, the roasted duck, the fish balls or the mooncakes.

If you could turn any iconic Chinese dish into a Spanish one, which one would it be and how would you go about it?

I like to take advantage of the techniques and ways of the cooking of any country that I visit and use those techniques with the flavours that I love, but not distort them too much. I couldn’t tell you a specific dish that I would transform, but I am looking forward to knowing the country better, to have a more accurate vision of the food culture.

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During Chef Moya’s three-day stint at SKYE, he will be serving up a five-course lunch menu for $650 and a seven-course dinner menu for $1,500 – a great way to visit l’escaleta without the jet lag.

27/F, The Park Lane Hong Kong, 310 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, 2839 3327, book online

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