There’s a whole lot in store at this year’s Food’s Future Summit, including an exciting line-up of panellists who will be sharing their knowledge on a wide range of topics. Your biggest problem is going to be working out which session to choose!

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Here are the speakers for the morning of Saturday, 22 September:

Hacking Food’s Future

In June this year, Hong Kong’s first food hackathon was launched, focusing on regenerative agriculture and the circular economy. This event served to disrupt our current “broken” food system and open up entrepreneurial opportunities for new businesses. In this session, find out what’s broken about our food system and what creative solutions the hackathoners came up with.

Susan Evans – Founder and CEO, Melee

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Susan Evans is an entrepreneur, consultant and lecturer in innovation and design. Her vision, practice and research are focused on the creation of new regenerative ecosystems that can drive next-economy business and society. She is a mathematician, computer scientist and statistician with proven creative leadership expertise.

The Future of Food Safety

Worried about food fraud and scandals? We explore how technological advances can ensure that our food is really what it claims to be on the labels.

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Björn Segerblom – Owner, Strategic Enterprises Limited

Through his own Hong Kong-based company, Björn is now engaged in selected board and project assignments, with a focus on Hong Kong and Asia. Before this, he was engaged for more than 12 years by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), a statutory body with the goal of transforming Hong Kong into a regional hub for innovation and technology. He was the overseas representative in Europe, focusing mainly on Scandinavia, the UK and Belgium.

Kenneth Hee – Cloud Platform Solution Specialist and Director ASEAN, Oracle

Kenneth is Oracle’s director for application sevelopment and blockchain innovation in the Asia-Pacific region. In this role, he has strategy and business development responsibilities for the digital solutions of the Cloud Platform group. He is a trusted adviser to strategic customers in uncovering value from digital solutions such as Cloud Native application development, blockchain and artificial Intelligence.

Dr Bernard Chang – Project Manager, Food Safety Consortium

Dr Chang cultivates relationships with multinational and local food companies, national food authorities and testing centres and supranational organisations, bringing together collaborative resources and leveraging multidisciplinary expertise in order to solve food-safety problems.

Alice Wong – Manager of Labelling & Regulatory Compliance, Lee Kum Kee

Alice has extensive experience in the F&B industry. She has worked in food analysis, quality assurance and regulatory affairs functions with multinational companies like ALS Technichem, Nestlé (Australia), San Miguel Brewery and A.S. Watson. She is currently with Lee Kum Kee, handling regulatory compliance matters ranging from ingredients and packaging to finished products that are globally distributed.

Professor Lars Montelius – Director-General, INL

Professor Montelius holds 30 years’ experience in nanotechnology, with his work focusing on lithography and processing applied to numerous nano devices. INL (International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory) in Portugal is the only true international-by-status nanotechnology RTO worldwide. Alongside his role as Director-General, Lars also works as a professor in nanotechnology at Lund University, Sweden.

The Future of Protein

With the livestock industry responsible for more greenhouse-gas emissions than all the world’s cars, trains, ships and planes put together and scientists asserting that “reducing meat consumption is the single biggest way to reduce your impact on Earth”, the future of food will certainly involve alternatives to animal protein. Across the globe, food-tech companies are developing groundbreaking plant-based food products that mimic the taste and texture of animal foods – think eggs made from mung beans, beef burgers made from wheat starch, pork made from peas and shrimp made from algae.

But not everyone is sold. In this thought-provoking panel, Green Queen Sonalie Figueiras will explore the controversy surrounding these game-changing products. Are they healthy? Are they ethical? Can they convert die-hard meat eaters? Why are some vegans up in arms about them?

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Sonalie Figueiras (Panel Moderator) – CEO, Green Queen and Ekowarehouse

Sonalie Figueiras is the founder and editor-in-chief of Green Queen, Hong Kong’s largest eco-wellness media platform, advocating for social and environmental change using original, inspiring Asia-centric content. She is also the founder and CEO of Ekowarehouse, a global sourcing platform for certified organic products, created with a mission to make organic farming accessible and affordable for the whole planet.

Simon Newstead – Founder, Bite Society

Simon is an software entrepreneur and founder of Bite Society, a mission-driven vegan start-up working on new snack products. He is also co-founder of True to Table, an Australian start-up formulating dairy alternatives. Locally, Simon is co-founder of the Vegans Hong Kong community, and he is passionate about contributing to a better food system for the world.

Lisa Terauchi – Co-Owner and Executive Chef, Confusion

Born in Japan and raised in India and Hong Kong, Lisa had a multitude of varied experiences, working in customer relations, finance and education, before finding her true passion in the world of culinary creation. After switching to a vegan diet about three years ago, she seized the opportunity to create a plant-based dining establishment to meet the needs of a new but growing number of diners committed to a movement that focuses on environmental, social and economic sustainability.


Nathan Green – Chef and Founder, Rhoda


The Future is Circular: Waste to Wealth

Food waste is one of the century’s major challenges. Join Circular Community Hong Kong to learn how innovators in the food industry are finding creative ways to minimise waste and be inspired to imagine new ways to repurpose valuable resources. Take part in one of six groups exploring various stages of the supply chain, from production, to packaging, to plate, and make beautiful maps of circular solutions.

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Anna Simpson – Director, Flux Compass

Flux Compass helps organisations and individuals to navigate change and build resilience. Alongside being the director of this agency, she is also one of the co-founders of Circular Community Hong Kong, as well as the curator of the Futures Centre, a co-active life coach and the author of The Innovation-Friendly Organization.

Petra Schweiger — Owner, LILY FLD

Petra Schweiger is the owner of LILY FLD, an import and distribution company for premium quality, fully biodegradable single-use drinking straws made in Germany. Sustainability has been deeply ingrained in her from an early age. Even after moving to an urban centre like Hong Kong, her love for outdoors and the ocean brought her to live in a small village on the beach. Seeing first-hand the scale of plastic waste in the ocean, on our beaches and everywhere else, made her even more passionate about this issue. Her mission: let’s replace plastic straws while we are on the way to reduce straws altogether.

Alex Macro

Alex is an award-winning photographer who uses his experiences with big brands to campaign for the environment and the people who struggle to live in it.

Tanja Wessels

Activist, aggregator and agitator, Tanja studied filmmaking and art in Lisbon and London before moving to Asia in 2006. In addition to being a founding element of Circular Community HK, Tanja runs platform All In – Asia where she connects local pioneers in environmentalism who are aligned in values but come from very different industries – fashion to food, art to animal welfare – to respond to the ecological signs of the times.

Neil Williams

Neil is a design strategist and lecturer actively promoting methods that place people and their emotions and activities at the centre of any design process. Neil has a Masters Degree in Design Strategies and 20 years of experience designing multisensory experiences and interactive multimedia content for the government, museums and corporations. Having lived in Hong Kong for 15 years, Neil is keen to promote design methods that help the community to grow and evolve to be more circular and self-sustaining.

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