With the Food’s Future Summit just around the corner, we’re buzzing with excitement about what we have to offer our guests. And if there’s one thing Foodie knows best, it is, undoubtedly, food. We pondered long and hard about the food we will be offering and are more than happy to share a glimpse of our favourite food for the masses! We’ve partnered up with some exciting brands, so here’s what you can look forward to eating on Day 1 of our Food’s Future Summit 2018 on Friday, 21 September:

Coffee/Cold-brew coffee/iced tea

The Coffee Academïcs

We don’t know about you, but our day only starts after a cuppa joe. And at Foodie, we don’t play around with coffee. Only providing you with the best, The Coffee Academïcs is our official coffee and tea sponsor for the Summit, offering freshly brewed hot coffee, cold-brew coffee and refreshing iced tea on site for our guests from morning till evening. The Coffee Academïcs is one of our top coffee-fix choices for a good reason – it’s been ranked first in speciality coffee in Hong Kong (Frost & Sullivan, 2017). From sourcing the best-quality coffee beans to roasting them on site, The Coffee Academïcs is all about redefining your coffee experience and making sure you get the perfect cup.

On a side note… we all know that styrofoam and plastic-lined coffee cups are bad for the environment. So, at the Summit, feel free to rent a bamboo coffee cup for $20 and get your deposit back when you return it. Or simply bring your own tumbler and save all that hassle.


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Teaming up with The Coffee Academïcs to bring you the perfect latte and flat white is Oatly. Oatly began as a way to find a nutritious alternative to milk – there’s no dairy, no nuts, no gluten, no soy… just oats. Now, we can list the benefits of drinking oat milk – including lowering cholesterol and blood pressure – but how about just drinking some and tasting for yourself?



When we think breakfast, we think Classified. With various locations around Hong Kong, a hearty, decadent breakfast is at the tip of your fingers with this café chain. We’ve got a long day of fun planned for you at the Summit, so the breakfast spread will start at 9am – be there early! Our power breakfast includes a selection of mini pastries like croissants, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins and muffins and also mini pancakes with a selection of your favourite toppings such as maple syrup, chocolate sauce and mixed berries. Our favourite topping is… two more pancakes, please.

Morning break


A Foodie Forks winner this year for Best Café, Bakehouse is an artisan bakery and café born in Hong Kong that’s well known for its daily handmade baked goods including its famous sourdough bread and croissants. Its selection of products is ever-changing, in harmony with Chef Grégoire Michaud’s inspiration and seasonal ingredient availability. We want to share our love for Bakehouse with everyone’s favourite sweet treat: COOKIES! At the Summit, Bakehouse will be offering four flavours of cookies: chocolate chip, double chocolate, oatmeal and hazelnut white chocolate. Cookie Monster would be so proud!

Choice Healthy Foods

If your dietary restrictions and/or healthy-eating plan are limiting you from trying Bakehouse’s cookies, don’t fret – we have a little bit of everything for everyone. Choice Healthy Foods is a leading producer of gluten-free foods that are locally produced. Everything is made to order in a zero-contamination, 100% gluten-free facility. Choice Healthy Foods is offering gluten-free and vegan mini muffins in banana oat and chia seed chocolate chip flavours. Who says delicious has to be dirty?

JUST Scramble by Green Monday

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Have you always wondered what eggless eggs taste like? Find out at the Summit! Prepared by the folks at Green Monday, we are offering samples of JUST Scramble made with onion, mushroom and black truffle. Sounds like the perfect omelette without the guilt!


The Coffee Academïcs

Aside from being a coffee expert, The Coffee Academïcs has some pretty neat food offerings too. So, in collaboration with Impossible Foods, we’ve got them to make us some wholesome pittas for our lunch fuel. We’re talking about pocket pittas with hummus, shaved cabbage, mint salad, tabbouleh, sumac and za’atar. Yum!

Impossible Foods

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Photo credit: Impossible Foods

Plant-based faux-meat purveyor Impossible Foods has been making the rounds in the 852, partnering with various hotels and restaurants in town, and we are proud to announce that they have made it to our Summit! Curious guests who have been wanting to try Impossible’s products, you can finally do so at our Summit as part of their lunch collaboration with The Coffee Academïcs.

Afternoon break

Food Folk

Got an inkling of the theme of our food choices yet? Hint: we love environmentally aware F&B spots like Food Folk. With a great passion for the connection between food, personal health and the health of the planet, our friends at Food Folk offer a traditional diet of healthy fats, pastured animal proteins and non-GMO veggies. At the Summit, be sure to try out their various mini muffins, brownies, finger sandwiches and wraps.

Evening reception

Invisible Kitchen

At Invisible Kitchen, British chef Tom Burney believes that his techniques, combined with responsibly sourced, high-quality ingredients and clean cooking, result in the best customer satisfaction while maintaining an eco-friendly footprint. Invisible Kitchen’s menus are 100% WWF Ocean Friendly. They also filter and carbonate their own water, grow their own organic veggies and even make their own vegan cheese in-house. At the Summit, Invisible Kitchen will be serving up canapés for the evening reception, and these mini flavour bombs are guaranteed to be crowd-pleasers. Chef Burney will also be part of the Future of Seafood panel on Day 2 of the Summit on Saturday, 22 September.

Wine’s Link

Here’s a life motto you might want to follow: start the day with a smile and finish it with a glass of wine. While we can guarantee you have a great time at our Summit, our friends from Wine’s Link will guarantee you have great wine to end the day on a high. Wine + dinner = winner!

Seven Brews

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To beer or not to beer… is never the question. It’s always beer o’clock with Seven Brews! Their Get Lucky Golden Ale and Too Easy Pale Ale are brewed in San Fransisco, imported all the way to Asia so that you can enjoy a bottle of perfectly balanced craft beer. Call us biased, but newly launched Seven Brews is possibly the cure to all our physical and mental ale-ments!

Happy Cow

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Photo credit: Localiiz

Mmm, vegan ice cream has never tasted so good – and what better way to end a long day than with some ice cream? Supporting us once again at the Summit, Happy Cow is here to dish out vegan scoops of happiness!

Did we whet your appetite? Come to satisfy your thirst for knowledge and indulge in this delicious food line-up at the Food’s Future Summit 2018buy your tickets now!

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