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Plant-based milk is gaining popularity in recent years around the world. Made from raw materials such as soybeans, almonds and coconuts, plant-based milk’s texture is similar to milk, hence the name. Vitasoy recently launched the product Café for Baristas Soy Milk, a collaboration with a team of baristas from Australia with the aim of developing a soy milk formula for barista-standard brewing. With no cholesterol and no trans fat, vegan-friendly Vitasoy Café for Baristas Soy Milk contains 40kcal per 100ml, compared to 70kcal per 100ml in regular milk; that’s a whopping 40 per cent less!

Vitasoy Café for Baristas Soy Milk

To encourage the public to embrace the health benefits of plant-based milk like soy milk in their coffee and speciality drinks and to include it as part of their daily diet, Vitasoy came up with the theme “Be Good to Yourself” for their first-ever stall at Tong Chong Street Market: Coffee Festival and created five different kinds of creative and delicious plant-based beverages using its latest products, Café for Baristas Soy Milk and Café for Baristas Almond Milk, along with home-roasted quality coffee beans from Ideaology, a local café founded by Chester Tam, Hong Kong’s first authorised trainer recognised by the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe. The innovative hot drinks unveiled and enjoyed were the lush and refreshing beetroot and chocolate soy latte, the mellow and delicious soy good latte and the multilayered Okinawa black sugar almond latte. They also debuted a thick and aromatic truffle soy milk soup to quell any hunger pangs.

Vitasoy Café for Baristas Soy Milk

Vitasoy achieved a successful event, with positive feedback from the public. This event was part of a campaign to encourage customers to request plant-based milk, like soy and almond, when ordering their favourite drinks in cafés in Hong Kong. By introducing Vitasoy Café for Baristas Soy Milk to your routine, you may be surprised by how much you enjoy plant-based coffee, which benefits your health and the environment and adds to an enjoyable lifestyle!

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